Arcade Games - Show your reflexes and thinking

    Games in the arcade category are usually games that require player reflection, and usually feature few puzzles or complex thinking or strategy skills. This category is featured on the Online Games website at IziGames.Net. e Arcade game is a game genre that is not focused on the story, but is only played "just for fun" or to chase high score points. The games you want to play in this category can be played on your PC or mobile. For a long time, this arcade category game has been in great demand by many people. The attraction of this category is consistent gameplay challenges, simple gameplay, and short playtime. In addition, this game can make people who play do not want to stop playing it. Game sharpening the brain is indeed an exciting and fun thing. One of the games that can get this function is in the Arcade game category. By playing games in the Arcade category, you can eliminate boredom after work or after a day of activities. Typically, the arcade category can include strategizing or practicing finger dexterity with swipes. These types of games can vary and can excite your sense of play. Such as Subway Surfers, Zombie Tsunami, Pac man, Bottle Flip, and others.