Puzzle Games - Fun games to train intelligence

    The puzzle category is a simple medium that is played by disassembling pairs. Puzzle games are intended to solve a particular problem. Almost all of the challenges here involve logic problems which are usually limited by time. This category of games is found in IziGames.Net which is full of fun and brain-boosting games. This category usually doesn't take up much memory on your smartphone. In addition, puzzle games can train your concentration in solving problems. You can also hone your intelligence while playing puzzle games. The various difficulty levels of puzzle games also make this game suitable for children. You can play with your little one for quality time together. Now for this one category, it seems that it is devoted to training thinking skills so that it can train the intelligence of the players. Examples of puzzle categorie games are: Cut the Rope, Triple Town, Tetris, Slice It. Construction puzzle Assembly puzzle construction puzzle is a collection of separate pieces, which can be put back together into several models. The most common assembled toys are simple, colorful wooden blocks. This assembled toy is perfect for people who like to work with their hands, like to solve puzzles, and like to imagine.