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Horror Games

The game category that gives goosebumps is none other than the horror category on the HTML5 Games website (IziGames.Net). Fear itself is a source of happiness.

Horror Games - Choose yourself a horror game and play it now

The horror game category is the choice for game creators to create works that can be played by people with a scary feel as if the players are in the game. Horror games are one of the most popular game genres. Moreover, this genre is available on various platforms so it is very easy to play it. One of the platforms in question is the PC. PC horror games themselves present better or real visuals when compared to mobile horror games. Therefore, the PC horror game category is the choice because it is more satisfying when played with a bigger display, better quality, and more agile movement. HTML5 Games Website finds many types of games from the horror category that you can play with friends or alone to test your adrenaline. Where, scary events or stories adapted into this horror game actually happen. For those of you who like horror games with a tense and scary feel. The horror category in video games underwent a massive revolution with the presence of game series such as Silent Hill and Resident Evil which gave birth to many classy games that have become a nightmare for players. Apart from using the horror imaginations of the developers, it's not uncommon for horror games out there to take inspiration from popular folk tales whose mystical and horror elements don't need to be doubted.