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FPS Games

The FPS game category that is mostly played by young people is one that sharpens the brain a lot. HTML5 Games presents this category at IziGames.Net.

FPS Games - All the best first-person shooter games

IziGames.Net, to be precise, HTML5 Games, presents the FPS category, which is a shooting game that has the main characteristic of using a first-person perspective that makes us feel as if we are holding a gun. First Person Shooter or FPS is usually played in the form of a 3D video game that is 'first-person-perspective', or displays the perspective of the player's character in the game to the monitor screen. One of the pleasures of playing this genre is that players can more easily imagine and feel what the characters they play in the game are experiencing. This is also what causes the Action genre game to be very closely associated with FPS games. Most First-person shooter games focus more on action. In this game, the objective or objective of our mission is mostly completed by shooting all the enemies to be able to advance to the next level. However, not all games are like this because there are also FPS genres that focus on detailed stories or storylines. For this kind of focus, missions are usually completed by engaging in dialogue by talking to other characters rather than just shooting and killing all enemies. Missions can also be completed by exploring the map and completing puzzles or collecting items.