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Bullet Force

Rating: 7.9 (222 vote)
Developer: Blayze Games
Updated: 2022-10-24
Category: Shooting

Description: Play online and offline shooting on Bullet Force Online. Eliminate enemy forces with lots of weapon customisations and battlefields. Game is now free on IziGames.Net


About Bullet Force

Bullet Force is a first-person shooter game where you play along with your friends or strangers (multiplayer). The game allows you to team up with other players to fight terrorist vs. counter-terrorist battles. You'll be able to play against real-life players as opponents, which makes the game more interesting, like Call of Duty Mobile or PlayersUnknown Battleground (PUBG). The game is available online, but there is also an offline mode where players can follow a storyline and practice before getting online to fight with other players.

The game has a great design, making the visuals competitive with popular shooter games like CODM and PUBG. The realistic physics and game environment also add to its exceptional gameplay experience. One of the most interesting features of the game is its control system. You'll be able to do almost everything with the controls. Many on-screen buttons thatthat let you shop, aim, jump and run in the game, which are typical actions on a battlefield.

Players will also be able to use more than twenty weapons in this game. There are impressive selections of weapons for players to choose from. You can also be unique and design your weapon however you like. So, you'll have many decorative elements to help customize your weapon to suit your taste.

Blayze Games LLC developed Bullet Force. The action game is free to play and available on all android devices that meet average game requirements. The game is quite popular, too, with millions of downloads across multiple platforms. You'll be able to play as long as you are above 12, and the languages supported total more than 40.


Like all shooting games, the aim is to shoot and eliminate the enemy. There is no fixed storyline here, except when you're playing offline. The online game allows you to play with many players, so you'll go on missions to eliminate other Players. However, when you're playing offline, you'll have to play solo and use it as a form of practice against AI opponents.

There are many realistic game maps available too. So you won't just play with different people but also get to change the fight zone. The more you play, the more you earn. You can use the money you earn to purchase some weapons. However, you'll have to purchase special high-power weapons with real money using the in-app purchase option.

Game Features

Bullet Force has some unique and interesting features that excite any player. Some of these features are available in other shooter games, while others are adaptations of Bullet Force. Check out the game features below:

Graphics and Physics

The graphics on Bullet Force deserves an accolade. The game looks down to earth and has an amazing design. The environment was designed with a realistic goal in mind. You'll be able to visit multiple parts of the game and interact with almost every element, which makes things even more fun.

The second-person perspective also makes the game more challenging compared to a third-person view, where players see more areas of the game—tiny details on weapons and clothes. Even the player movements were well designed, which makes the game physics top-notch and the gameplay immersive.

Weapons and Customizations

There are many weapons in this game. You can choose from various available weapons to find anyone suitable for you. Like in popular shooting games, you won't be limited to one or two guns but can access as many guns as possible. However, all of these guns won't be available when you start playing.

You'll have to play better and find a way to unlock the weapons before you will be able to use them. The weapons range from simple ones like pistols to assault rifles and SMGs. Some of these guns include the M4A1, Compact.45, M67 Frag. You'll also be able to use other weapons like grenades and launchers.

Game Modes

There are many game modes available here. Since you'll probably be playing against other players, you'll be able to change the game goals and objectives. Sometimes, you'll play as a team against the other teams (Team Deathmatch). Other times, every player will have to survive on their own (Free for All). The Gun Game mode allows you to eliminate enemies with different weapons. For example, when you kill an enemy, your gun changes, and this continues until any team reaches the highest score.


This game mode allows you to choose between playing with AI or real people. The developers understand that playing with friends and other people makes the whole game experience more epic. So, you can connect with five friends to play against other teams using the PvP mode.


There are many maps available in Bullet Force. There are constant upgrades too, which means the developers will add more maps in the future. Some game maps are real-life locations, while others were designed for game purposes. Either way, the game maps are realistic and have all the necessary elements to aid survival. For example, players will find shelters around the game to take cover when engaging enemies.

Game Controls

The game control can get overwhelming sometimes. However, it's as simple as it comes if you've played shooting games before. You'll have all the major action buttons on the right-hand side of the screen. The other side hosts a few buttons too. So, you'll be able to use the on-screen arrow buttons to move and the other buttons to change your view. You also have the fire button, jump, crouch, aim, and many other battle actions.

Gameplay Videos


Bullet Force is an interesting game to play. You'll be able to have an interesting experience playing with real-life players in a realistic setting. The graphics and animations are pretty smooth and beautiful, which makes the game even more fun. The game controls are also well-outlined, making them easy to use. It's a nice option for anyone who wants some ice-cold action from their games.