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Dinosaur Game

Rating: 8.8 (1001 vote)
Developer: Chrome UX
Updated: 2022-10-24
Category: Arcade

Description: In the Dinosaur Game online, you can enjoy an endless straight-line running arcade game. Play for as long as you want, tackle difficult obstacles and bag points.


About Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game, also known as Chrome Dino, Dino T-Rex, Downasaur, etc., is a non-complex T-Rex running gameplay that keeps obstacles coming for as long as possible. The Dino game was first created in Google Chrome in 2014; however, the Dinosaur Game app was designed to simulate the genius Chrome game, which appears on your mobile screen anytime you run out of internet connection.

Dinosaur Game is super fun and simple arcade game, and it enables you to run through the retro Trex world simultaneously; you will need to keep avoiding obstacles.

The straightforward graphics will help you easily avoid obstacles by touching your screen when you need the dinosaur to hop. For example, suppose your fingers are still on your screen. In that case, the dinosaur will keep jumping continuously, so whenever you meet an obstacle, two options are available to you: you can start afresh or continue from the last point you stopped in the initial game.

As you keep advancing in the game and acquire more scores, you can also add extra elements to intensify your adventure in the game. But as you keep going, you need to be careful with each speed level because it will get faster as you progress, and to avoid slamming into figures that appear randomly.

Who Built The Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game was first designed by Edward Jung, Alan Bettes, and Sebastien Gabriel, who were part of the Chrome UX team as of 2014.

How It Started

If you are short on internet connection when browsing or before browsing, you will get an error notification on your screen showing you that you are either out of an Internet subscription or your connection is off. Inside your screen, you will find a Chrome easter Egg— the design was built to resemble a "prehistoric" time before the emergence of Wifi.

The Easter egg feature has been successful with millions of players around 2018. The developers had an interview section when they revealed that they had to mutilate the app –because kids in school and adults at work were so engrossed in the game, ignoring their duties

However, anyone can easily play Dinosaur Game on a mobile app. So you can enjoy all its fun and immersed features.

Be Wary Of Fake Dino Games In Search

Dinosaur Game is the official game app; rest assured that you will experience the same features in the Chrome browser in the Dinosaur Game app. Nevertheless, other apps contain malicious codes, ads that aren't legit or become glitches and slow, or either way, and the screen is not in full resolution.

Without further implications, you will find every feature in the Dinosaur Game game app.

How To Play The Dino Game

Dino game is extremely simple, yet tough and addictive. Players will engage in an endless running and hopping game, more like a tangent edition of Temple Run but without levels. It doesn't have an end: if you reach the maximum score of about 99,999, then the game will just reset itself.

Players do not have options to change the direction of their movement, and their speed can not be controlled either; you just have to duck and jump unless you add more elements to speed up your moves.

The game is simple, and it starts slow. Players are going left to right while avoiding obstacles— cacti. With time these cacti will keep showing up more often in difficult clumps and various sizes. Press the up arrow or Space to hop over them.

Thereon, you will discover how you can duck in utilizing the down arrow. Other types of obstacles, such as pterodactyls, that flicker through the screen in a bird-like form. You can jump over some of them or ignore some. Though, some people think ducking helps. It's simple, but it gets tough.

The Alt button allows you to play or pause. Dino game reverts to dark mode when you get to 100 points and after attaining several 700 points.

Tips For Getting A High Score

Players proposed to have other methods to get higher scores. A few of the highest scores came from players vast in the game, though it is not so difficult. At the same time, others are from AI — non-human players. So you can watch a non-human player score flawless points for hours.

Here are the best tips for you:

Assume that it is the landscape element moving rather than you. It's much simpler to control the Dinosaur when you don't think you are moving.

Duck Early, Jump Early

Some birds can be hopped, so duck less. You can ignore the lower-flying birds. Above that, this is similar to most classic games that test your reflexive skill. Practice, progression, and concentration bring you high scores.

Features Of Dinosaur Game App

  1. Full Screen: It offers a full video view for a much better experience.
  2. Improved UI: The UI has been improved to contain bigger screens.
  3. Zero Ads: There are no ads bugs
  4. Zero internet usage: It requires no Internet connection and doesn't store your data.
  5. Addictive gameplay: The game is challenging and addictive.
  6. High Scores: Dino game is one of the highest game-level scores.
  7. Control sound: Players can unmute or mute sounds.
  8. Simple graphics: The graphics are creatively enhanced to provide an awesome view.
  9. Moderate Classic sound: It has unique and classic sounds.
  10. Straightforward gameplay: It doesn't require violent attacks, fighting, and battles, thereby suitable for kids too.
  11. Dark mode: It has a color mode for various levels.
  12. Advanced Gameplay: The obstacles have been improved to the make game more interesting


Dinosaur Game app has better features for a more advanced Chrome Game. You can either play or watch AI players as long as you want. So download Dino T-rex and start an endless race.