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Tunnel Rush

Rating: 8.3 (72 vote)
Developer: Deer Cat Games
Updated: 2022-10-31
Category: Arcade

Description: Play online Tunnel Rush, the epic arcade-style game for you. Race against the odds of the dark tunnels, beat the obstacles in your way, and claim your place as a legend!

About Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush is an arcade game for Android that involves racing through a wild maze of tunnels and breaking records.

The game was developed and offered by the gaming corporation Deer Cats, a company based in the UK. Tunnel Rush is one of the best games by Deer Cats, a company already known for some previous titles. The game is available for Android devices and is compatible with devices with the minimum operating system of Android 4.1 and above to function maximally. The game was released on the 14th of January, 2016, and has since amassed over ten million downloads on the Google Play Store alone, with a tangible rating of 4.4 out of 5 and a good number of positive comments and feedback on the game.

Tunnel Rush may not offer much and does not contain a lot of complexities, but that is the game's beauty and genre. The game tests your reflexes and keeps you pumping, invested, and returning for more. Besides, Tunnel Rush is readily available for a wide range of Android devices, and the process of downloading the game to play is pretty straightforward.

If you're looking for even more adrenaline-pumping tunnel racing action, don't miss out on Tunnel Rush 2 - the thrilling sequel that takes the excitement to new heights!


Tunnel Rush uses a very simple gameplay mechanism. The player has to direct the movement through the tunnels simply by tapping the screen in the appropriate direction. For example, to move left, you tap the left button, and to move right, tap the right button. The game only requires left and right movement since the system already sets in motion and spirals down the tunnel by itself as soon as the game starts.

There are unlimited levels in Tunnel Rush, each different from before. The levels become harder as the player progresses, and Tunnel Rush has proven to be quite the challenge for many gamers worldwide. However, no level cannot be surpassed. The initial speed at the beginning of the race down the tunnel is usually low but gains momentum swiftly as the player advances further in the levels. This is the part where the full attention of the player is indispensable.

Tunnel Rush depends heavily on your reflexes, finger speed, and swift calculating abilities. The tunnels are already quite confusing on their own, spinning into different turns and corners of different kinds of mazes. The structure of the tunnels is good enough to keep one already hooked and attentive, but that is not all. There are also obstacles placed at strategic parts of the tunnels. With blocks and sharp bars sticking out from every weird tunnel angle, Tunnel Rush commands your undivided attention and sets the challenging spirit in action.

You have to be very swift to avoid the tunnels as immediately as they appear. It may prove to be extremely challenging at first, but your fingers will soon get accustomed to the tapping and tilting of the screen, and then you can perform with relative ease. However, you can be sure that Tunnel Rush is not a walkover and will be very entertaining to gamers who like a challenge, working their eyes, brains, and fingers simultaneously.

Amazing Features of Tunnel Rush

  • Has no age or location restrictions. Tunnel Rush is a game for all and sundry. The game has no bans or restrictions for any locality, so you can be sure to have full access to the game anytime and anywhere. Also, Tunnel Rush can be equally enjoyed by gamers of m ages, as the game manages to intrigue all age groups and keeps the players fully invested.
  • Completely free of charge. Tunnel Rush is not a priced game and solely requires a stable internet connection for the initial download, and that's all. Also, Tunnel Rush does not contain the annoying ads many free games tend to have. However, Tunnel Rush provides you with hours upon hours of uninterrupted gameplay. What is more, there are no provisions for in-app purchases either. Tunnel Rush does not require you to spend money in any way, only requiring your time and focus.
  • Compatible Size. Tunnel Rush is of very small size and so can easily fit on all types of Android devices with accommodating space. This helps your device to run smoothly without bugs or lags on the device.
  • Top Notch Touch Sensor. Given that Tunnel Rush is a game with a concept that completely rests on the principle of touching and tapping the screen, the game producers have put commendable effort into ensuring that the Tunnel Rush interface reacts swiftly to every slight abrasion of the screen by the player.
  • Clear and Concise Visuals. Tunnel Rush has a basic dark background that helps show all the game's elements, from the largest to the tiniest. As the game depends greatly on good eyesight and swift reflexes, the game thus clearly shows all the elements in the game in the same second they appear.
  • Set Records With Limitless Gameplay. Tunnel Rush does not end and does not bore you out. There is always something new and interesting to look for from level to level. The colour of the tunnels changes their direction and so much more. Also, there is always the next level to advance to. Tunnel Rush is a game that serves to keep you going at all times while breaking records. Every new record achieved is celebrated, so keep playing to become the master of the tunnels and their tricks.
  • Offers Offline Gaming. Tunnel Rush is not an online game. Therefore, there are no limitations caused by internet supply or connection while playing the game as long as it is already stably installed on your device.

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Tunnel Rush is an awesome antidote for boredom and an elite way for you to keep your mind and body fully charged. The game keeps you invested and helps you keep trying until you overcome that difficulty level. Players of Tunnel Rush will particularly enjoy the thrill of successfully manoeuvring through all the obstacles and winning.