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Developer: Marmalade Game Studio
Updated: 2022-12-13
Category: Arcade

Description: Join your friends online to Monopoly. Enjoy playing against friends and become the richest by buying properties and maximizing your money in this super fun game.


Description of Monopoly Online Free Game

Are you looking for an interesting online game to showcase your intelligence and power? Monopoly online free game is a great option for you. This game involves buying, selling, building, trading, and hijacking people's property as you play.

Monopoly online is a multiplayer game that includes over 6 players. Your aim is to have the most property and be the richest among other players, as it gives you a win over them. It is simple to play if you understand the concept of playing.

When you open the game, you have to roll a die and wait for the property you land on, from which you start the playing processes like buying, trading, etc. As you read further, you will fully understand this game. Enjoy playing with friends online. 

Some Interesting Features of Monopoly Online with Friends

Below are some interesting features to look out for while playing monopoly online;

Simple game interface

When you first open this game online, you will easily find your way around playing it; monopoly online features a simple game interface that makes it easy for anyone to play and join the game.

Below the game interface, you will find easy directions to play the game, like the time duration for the game, trade icon, build, redeem, sell, and mortgage. This makes the game simple and interesting to play. Explore this game online on IziGames with your friends.

Multiplayer mode

This feature has become the most looked out for game online as it contributes to players' gaming experience while playing the game. Monopoly is a multiplayer game; you can create a room or join a room with other players to play the game.

Classic Gameplay

If you are familiar with the monopoly game, you will know that the gameplay is unique and classic. It requires smartness to hijack other players' properties while you try to become the wealthiest person in the game. This is unique and interesting to go about. Enjoy playing monopoly online with its exciting gameplay.

Simple controls

As said earlier, playing monopoly online is easy to do. The game mechanics and controls are simple. The only thing you need to do is roll a die and check out where or which property you've been given or landed on. And you can click on the instruction below the game interface to do other things like buying, selling, building, etc.

Similar Games to Monopoly Online

There are several games online, like monopoly. The games have similar gameplay and concept to monopoly online. You can explore and play this game on IziGames for a great gaming experience. Below are some games like a monopoly to explore online:

  • Lords of Vegas
  • Pirate kings
  • Monopoly plus
  • Europoly
  • Wingspan
  • Pay Day
  • Ticket to Ride
  • Raccoon Tycoon
  • The allowance game
  • Cash'n Guns etc.

These games are good to explore if you want to play games like monopoly online for a free game.

How to play Monopoly Online Free Multiplayer

You might wonder, "how do I play this game " or "how do I go about monopoly online." This section explains how to play monopoly online free game multiplayer with friends. Monopoly is easy to play with no complexity. Follow the steps below to play monopoly online;

  • Log in to the game site online. You can visit IziGames;
  • To play online, create an ID and a link to share with friends to join you in the game or join other games online;
  • Select a color to represent you online when you join the game;
  • Wait for other players to join;
  • Now, it shows a dice in the display you can roll;
  • You will land or be given a property you have to decide what to do with it;
  • Trade with other players online;
  • Now, you can play with friends online, buy properties, manage your money, and hijack lands and people's properties. Even make them go bankrupt to win.

Playing Monopoly online is straightforward; if you understand the concept of the popular monopoly game, it becomes easier to play online after creating the join link for friends. Enjoy your gaming experience.

Is Monopoly online legit?

Yes, playing Monopoly online is legit and not rigged. It is a free and fair game. Players will use the mechanics, dice cards, and properties in the game, and luck can make you win.



Where can I Play Monopoly Online? +

Are you searching for a place to play monopoly? That is not an issue as there are several places, especially websites, to play monopoly online. We recommend that you play monopoly online on

Is Monopoly Online Cross Platform? +

Yes. You can play monopoly online on any device as you please; that is, you can play on android, website, or PC hence making it a cross-platform game.

What is the best Monopoly Online? +

There are different forms or versions of monopoly online, ranging from monopoly classic game, monopoly world edition, monopoly plus, etc. However, online monopoly remains the best to play, as it allows you to play with friends in multiplayer mode.