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Apple Worm

Rating: 10.0 (17 vote)
Developer: Gibton
Updated: 2023-02-09
Category: Arcade

Description: Play Apple worm unblocked and enjoy playing this puzzle game. Eat as many apples as possible to grow your body and get to the exit portal.

Apple Worm Unblocked: The Puzzle Game

Apple worm unblocked is one of the many exciting puzzle games with unique gameplay and concepts on the gaming market today, it isn’t your usual match tiles type of puzzle game, but here you have to strategize your movement and body size to avoid losing.

Apple worm is a game where you take control of a tiny worm that grows bigger and longer each time it eats an apple. Your objective is to eat as many apples as possible until you can get to the escape portal and finish the level. Can you complete all the levels? Find out when you play this exciting game here at IziGames.

There was an update on the game in 2020, making it more accessible, and more features were added, but it was initially released in December 2016, and Gibton developed and published it to the gaming world. Crack your brain in this fun but intriguing puzzle game. You will not want to stop once you start playing.

Fun Game Features on Apple Worm Online

This game is filled with rich game features. Here are some of the following:

Simple Controls and Game Mechanics:

There are simple controls in this game, and players don’t have to do much to play the game. It is just moving your worm around, and since it is a PC game, you use the WASD or the arrow keys to navigate the snake.

Eat Apples to Grow:

Different apples are scattered around the game platform, and the more you eat them with your snake, the more you eat apples, the longer your snake grows.

Multiple Levels:

There are multiple levels in this game. As soon as you get to the exit portal, you enter a new level. There are over 30 levels in this game, and you should try your hardest to complete all the levels.

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Apple Worm Unblocked Game Tips and Tricks

  1. Eat as many apples as possible. The longer your snake gets, the better for you.
  2. Work on your movement, which will help you navigate the game platform.
  3. Make sure you stack blocks on top of each other or take them out of the way so you can quickly get passed.

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Apple worm is a game with simple controls, but it is hard to become a pro. You have to keep playing to master this game completely. It is an excellent game to indulge yourself in.


Frequently Asked Questions about Apple Worm Online

How do you win a level? +

You win a level by getting to the escape portal, and you should look for that always.

How do you eat the apples? +

When you get your snake closer to them, they automatically consume them.

Is it a multiplayer game? +

No, it is a single-player game, and you can’t play it with other players.