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Bubble Trouble

Rating: 7.4 (19 vote)
Developer: Kresimir Cvitanovic
Updated: 2022-11-15
Category: Arcade

Description: Play online Bubble Trouble Unblocked, a fantastic bubble shooter game. Take your weapons out and obliterate all the bubbles in your way! Play now on IziGames.Net

About Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble is an awesome mobile game featuring a character dressed in a devil costume trying to shoot at a downpour of big bubbles and wipe them all completely out.

Bubble Trouble has been around since 2007 and was developed by Kresimir Cvitanovic. As of its initial release, Bubble Trouble was available as a flash game that could be played on flash platforms. However, the game was widely spread at the time and was available on almost every PC and flash.

However, Bubble Trouble was revived in 2017, developed by Kresimir Cvitanovic, and published by Y8 games. The game can now be played on HTML and smartphone platforms, Android and iOS alike. The re-invention of Bubble Trouble was met with nostalgic ecstasy by gamers worldwide. This re-invention brought remarkable changes and was deemed a sequel to the pre-existing version, so it was renamed Bubble Struggle.

So far, the game has done remarkably well, amassing thousands of downloads worldwide. There are some follow-up sequels to the game, essentially having the same gameplay but different levels and changed features. Bubble Trouble is a very responsive game, with regular upgrades being carried out and newer versions released from time to time. All in all, Bubble Trouble is uniquely special, with addictive features and awesome gameplay.


Bubble Trouble features the main character and his available weapon to pop the bubbles. The player is enclosed and can only move from left to right. Overhead, bubbles are hanging that immediately drop once the level commences. The player immediately has to shoot at the bubbles to obliterate them. Once the bubbles touch the player, that level is immediately lost.

The bubbles fall to the ground and bounce about the screen. As a result, the player has to take extra care to avoid them. There is no pattern to the motion of the bubbles since they move haphazardly about the screen, so you have to be agile enough to avoid contact of any sort with the bubbles.

The bubbles come in various sizes. Some can be wiped out in one shot, while some further divide into more bubbles when hit. In the case of very big bubbles, they can split into sizes which can be further split into smaller sizes until the littlest size is gotten and eventually wiped out.

Coming in contact is not the only way to lose a level. There is a time bar that reads at the bottom part of the screen. As soon as the level begins, the time bar reads and runs low. If the player has not wiped off all of the bubbles in the level before the bar runs out, the player loses that level and has to restart.

Players can swiftly switch between weapons as they play. However, not all weapons are available at the beginning of the game. As you progress in levels, you will have a greater opportunity to unlock and acquire new weapons with the money in the game.

Money is gotten in the game when the player shoots at a bubble. The bigger the bubble, the more the amount obtained. Money comes in the form of gold coins or green dollar bills. When the player has enough money, they can acquire any available weapons that are yet t be unlocked.

Bubble Trouble has a lot of levels, and the latest versions contain up to 97 unique levels and a final boss level. Each level differs from the others, and no two levels are the same. You can never know what to expect in each level because of the amazing gameplay twists in Bubble Trouble. As bubbles increase, their formation becomes more complex, and obstacles appear in different forms, like spikes, blocks, and the rest. Apart from these changes, each level has a different background. You could play against some artistic background, a dynamic landmark, an open field, a plain coloured background, and more.

Features of Bubble Trouble

  • Single and Multiplayer Game Modes. Bubble Trouble can be played in single mode and also multiplayer mode. However, the multiplayer mode can only be played in the local area networks and does not cover long distances. Two players can also take turns playing on the same device in special modes.
  • Different Weapons For Your Use. There are different weapons for different uses in the game. For example, there are shooting pistols, bubble suckers, hooks, mines, and many more. All these weapons have different aspects that are most applicable, so the player needs to understand where best to use them.
  • Different Tactics to Use. You can be sure that Bubble Trouble is not a one-way game. There are many skills that you will master during the game that will be very helpful.
  • Free Trial Levels. Bubble Trouble is not a free game and needs to be purchased from app stores before gameplay. However, the game provides many free levels to try out. This way, you can get a feel of the game beforehand.
  • Creative 2D Graphics. The graphics in Bubble Trouble is clear and concise. All the details are beautiful and lined out. The background and visuals are colourful and placed in different landmarks. The characterisations also beautiful. Only one character is available in the game, and the only costume is the devil costume the character has on throughout the game. Generally, Bubble Trouble is a visually pleasing game with different sights and attractions.
  • Sound Effects. The sound effects in Bubble Trouble are also a special feature of the game. The sound effects are quite funny. The gonk sounds and bouncing and shooting are all well set.

Gameplay Videos


Bubble Trouble is an amazing game, having been available for over a decade. The gameplay is remarkably easy to understand, although it can get tricky along the way. There are many levels with different settings and obstacles, so you can be sure never to get bored of playing. The graphics, sound, and other features are also in perfect sync. Bubble Trouble ranks as one of the Top 10 most-played games ever and is perfect for every scenario.