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Papa's Freezeria

Rating: 8.9 (35 vote)
Developer: Flipline Studios
Updated: 2022-10-24
Category: Arcade

Description: Play online Papa's Freezeria! and start a confectionery business on the go. Explore amazing features with the new, improved version of Papa's Freezeria on IziGames.Net

About Papa's Freezeria

If you like to improve your management skills, Papa's Freezeria has a job for you! This very interesting game allows you to oversee the affairs of a confection shop in the absence of its owner. Your role is to take the right orders, serve customers accurately, and avoid making mistakes, which will earn you more tips. In addition, the money earned from the business can now be used to upgrade the confection business, the freezeria, and the entire shop.

Things To Know About Papa's Freezeria!

  • You have to get familiar with the various toppings and ingredients, so endeavor to observe the stations before starting.
  • Ensure you complete every achievement and attend to all the important customers (VIPS). This will help boost your freezeria business.
  • Let your friends know how well you can manage and design the best confection store in town.

Who Created The Game

Papa's Freezeria! Was developed by the outstanding Flipline Studios, which is recorded under the Strategy7 category. The game's latest version was launched on the 2nd of September, 2022.

Papa's Freezeria is so fun to play that it attained over 670 thousand installations and 22,000 ratings, and an average rating of 4.4.

The Gameplay

You will serve sundaes on the latest version of Papa's Freezeria. The new version is built with unique controls for mobile phones.

  1. Your shop is new to the environment near an oceanfront sundae shop; however, things became uneasy when papa Louie's prospects came to the island. Your task is to make super delectable freezeria sundaes using ice cream, adding syrups, mixables, whipped cream, toppings, and blending sundaes. Don't skip the cherry on top to get an excellent summertime treat.
    The workload from each section of the restaurant will require you to multitask using new controls with just your fingertips.
  2. Go to the Order Station if you need to see waiting customers in the hallway.
  3. To combine mixables and ice cream for each sundae, switch to Build Station. Go to Mix Station to properly blend sundaes and ensure they are well blended. Next, find your way to another option— Top Station. At Top Station, pour the whipped cream and place the cherry on top before serving it to your fussy customers. Each station is tedious; you will work on different things simultaneously, e.g., swiping, dragging, and tapping.
  4. Make your customers feel at home so you will receive points and upgrade. As you advance in the game and your level keeps rising, more opportunities will be presented, such as getting new toppings and frequent new customers. A well-designed sundae also gives you extra tips, and these tips can be used to further upgrade and embellish your lobby.
  5. New Improved Papa's Freezeria
    Papa's Freezeria has now been recreated and redesigned to suit smaller screens to prevent your fingers from getting in the way.
  6. Play With Your Fingers
    You'll change stations by making use of the buttons at a corner of your screen. The buttons at each corner of the top screen can be used to quickly change Order Tickets. Thereon, you can use the zoom-in mode to clearly see all your Order Tickets.
  7. Build Station
    Papa's Freezeria has fine-tuned the Build Station to accommodate smaller screens. Now everyone can enjoy the game. You can simply pour mixables and ice cream like a pro! The button used for pouring ice cream has been changed to match your finger, and they are now shifted to a side. So now you can focus on the Meter and not get distracted by your thumb obstructing your view. Choosing a syrup or a mixable is now easy and quick; the screen is loaded with big buttons for easy use.
  8. Mix Station
    Papa's Freezeria has redesigned the Mix Station levels to function even better on a small screen. Immediately you buy the Blend Alarm, drag the big alarms, and fasten them unto a blender. The buttons are large and simple to press. You can also utilize multi-touch to increase the blenders all at once.
  9. Top Station
    Papa's Freezeria has introduced a Topping Bin that rotates. This helps players to top their sundaes in a new way. First, select from the rotating Topping Bins to pick any item you would like to use; then, take the sundae cup and pour your toppings around the sundae. 
  10. New Ingredients
    New ingredients have also been added to the list of existing ingredients. They are rarely seen in an HD or classic version of the game, which includes strips, mixables, toppings, and whipped cream. However, you will get access to them as you advance in the game. The ingredients are over 70. Have fun discovering them!
  11. Choose character
    Players can take up Alberto or Penny or either create their hero to work with. Design a girl or a boy using the available hairstyles, skin tones, facial expressions, and hair color. You can also modify the size of your head, eyes, mouth, and neck positions to suit your preference.
  12. Purchase Clothes
    Players can earn or purchase new dresses for their staffers by visiting the store or playing mini-games. Then, peruse the many jackets, shirts, pants, accessories, and hats to give your staffers an excellent look.
  13. Customize Your Lobby
    Customizing your lobby now comes with various themes of new furniture and posters and an easy way of changing your countertop and trim colors in the store.
  14. Earn More
    Players can earn a hundred achievements for finishing different missions in Papa's Freezeria. This includes earning bonuses at the Build Station, serving delicious sundaes, earning Customers Awards, and engaging in mini-games.

Features Of Papa's Freezeria On The Go

  • Active Ice Cream shop
  • The entire gameplay and controls are designed to suit the smaller screen.
  • Multitasking workload between mixing, building, and topping.
  • Purchase upgrades with your in-game bonuses.
  • Unlock 85 customers with special orders
  • Difficult Food Critics and Closers.
  • A hundred and twenty in-game success to earn.

Gameplay Videos


More of the improved version of Papa's Freezeria! is designed mostly for small screens. However, if you are looking for the one that suits your large screen, check out the tablet version, which is Papa's Freezeria HD.