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Bus Subway Runner

Rating: 10.0 (18 vote)
Developer: BuyHTML5
Updated: 2023-02-03
Category: Arcade

Description: Play Bus Subway Runner Unblocked and have fun in this endless runner game. Run through a busy subway, avoid buses, and don’t get caught by the cops.

Bus Subway Runner: An Endless Runner Game

Bus Subway runner is a fun endless runner game where you play the role of a notorious kid that’s on the run from the cops. Your objective is to keep on running through the subway, dodging different obstacles such as buses and other obstructions while you’re trying to get away from the cops.

Once you’re caught, you’re going to be punished, and you lose the game. It is an arcade game where you look to get a high score and beat it in your next turn, it’s a fantastic game, and you can play it here at IziGames for free.

Morebox Game developed this game, and it was released in October 2017. It is an online game that is played on PC, and it makes use of the WASD keys to move from side to side, jump and roll. It is the perfect game for you to play, and you will enjoy it. Come online today and enjoy this fantastic arcade game.

Fun Game Features on Bus Subway Runner Online

This game is rich with different exciting game features. Some of them include the following:

Different Heroes:

There are seven different heroes in this game that players can choose between, and each of them has its unique appearance. You can unlock them as you progress in the game.

Items and Upgrades:

Another thing to look out for is the different items and upgrades in the game. They give you a better gaming experience, and you use the coins gotten to purchase them.

Balloons and Locations:

One cool thing people should look out for is the balloons. The balloons are helpful as you can use them to change your location by flying around.

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Tips and Tricks On How to Play Bus Subway Runner Better

  1. Use the power-ups as they give you an advantage when running away from the cops.
  2. Always purchase different items and upgrades to make your character better.
  3. Collect as many coins as possible as they can be used to buy other things from the store.

Keep On Running!

Start the game today and keep running, don’t slow down, or the cops will catch you. This is an exciting endless runner game, and you always have the chance to beat your high score.


Frequently Asked Questions about Bus Subway Runner

How many characters are in Bus Subway Runner? +

There are seven different characters that players can use in this game.

How do you travel to a different location? +

Players can change their locations by flying around using balloons.

What happens when the police catch you? +

When the police catch you, you are arrested, and you lose the game.