Among US

Rating: 8.3 (716 vote)
Developer: InnerSloth LLC
Updated: 2022-12-03
Category: Action

Description: Play Among Us online to enjoy a strategic and survival gaming experience. You will team up with other players to find imposters among your team and kill them.

A Detailed Description of Among Us - A Popular Strategic Game

Do you enjoy teamwork or engaging in multiplayer games? Among Us is an excellent game to explore. This is an online multiplayer game set in space where you will play as an imposter or an astronaut.

Your communication with your crewmate goes a long way in winning the game, and as you play, you must avoid getting killed by an imposter or an astronaut. The imposters will sabotage the ship causing a hindrance, and the astronaut, on the other hand, will try to find and bring down the imposters.

Innersloth LLC developed and published this game. Join other players online to explore this game.

Features of Among Us game

Check out some interesting features you will enjoy and explore in this game;

Easy and Free to Play

Among Us game features a simple interface making the game easy to play and navigate through its features. Also, Among Us is free to play; you only need to connect to a Wi-Fi or a network provider.

Multiplayer Game Mode

You can't get bored playing this game, Among Us allows over 5 players in the game settings. You can either play locally or online with over 5 players, therefore, making the game fun and engaging.

Unique Gameplay

Among Us unleashes players communication and detective skills while trying to find the imposter or playing as the imposter. This is unique.

You can either play as an imposter or an astronaut, and you must complete all tasks to win the game. Also, avoid getting killed while playing, as it is an endgame.

Simple controls

This game has accessible controls making the game easy to play. If you are playing at home, there are analog control keys on the interface. You can use the keyboard or mouse on the desktop or PC. This is simple and easy to use.

Customization feature

Players can customize characters in the game with the different costumes and accessories available. This will help unleash your creativity.

Interact with other players in the game

There are different characters in Among Us, and you can interact with them. Also, you have crew mates you can communicate with while playing, making the game fun and engaging.

Beautiful Graphics

Among Us games feature beautiful and eye-catching graphics that stimulate players, giving them an immersive gaming experience. Although Among Us has  2D graphics, players will enjoy the visuals as it is impressive.

Nice Soundtrack

In addition to its features, Among Us has an interesting soundtrack that suits the gameplay and immerses players in the game experience.

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How to play Among Us Online

There is no complexity in playing Among Us Online; it is easy and fun. You either play as an astronaut with crew mates or an imposter, and you will know if you're playing as an imposter or astronaut when you open the game.

In addition, you can choose to create or join a game. To win the Among Us game, you must complete your task and fetch out the imposters among you. You must avoid getting killed. If you're playing on your phone, you will use an analog touchpad to move, while on a desktop or PC, you can move with the keyboard or mouse.

Players as astronauts will enter the control room, where a task is assigned. Click on the use button in the interface to know your task and play on. Anytime you encounter a dead body, use the 'report' button to inform your crewmate.

Also, you can call an emergency. Above all, ensure you complete tasks before getting killed by an imposter. Players can play while dead only, and they won't be able to communicate with anyone.

If you're playing as an imposter, you will be assigned a fake task where you pretend to be among the crew. You must avoid getting caught while getting close to the astronauts. If you are successfully close to an astronaut, you will press the 'kill' button to eliminate them. Ensure you are not suspected and pretend to be along; that is all you need to do. Visit IziGames today and explore this game.


No doubt, Among Us game is an entertaining game that immerses you in a smooth gaming experience. Join players locally or online to play this game on



Is Among Us game offline? +

Among Us game is an online multiplayer game. Therefore, No, Among Us is not offline. Visit IziGames, Connect to a safe network connection and enjoy your gaming experience.

How do you join Among us game? +

When you open Among us io online, you will know what to do. You can either create or join the game. To join a game, you can click the Join button on the homepage and connect with your team while you enjoy your game experience.

Is Among Us game based on a true-life story? +

Among Us is not a true life story, but the game was coined from the Mafia live party and the popular science fiction movie 'The Thing.'

What is the age rating of Among Us game? +

This game is rated for four years old and above. Therefore, it is safe for both kids and adults.

Is Among Us game free? +

Among Us is completely free to play on your devices. You don't have to pay to explore its features.