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Age of War

Rating: 7.5 (84 vote)
Developer: Max Games Studios
Updated: 2022-10-24
Category: Action

Description: In the Age of War Unblocked online game, you have to claim lands, develop them, protect your territory and go to war in this strategy game created in Ancient times. Play now!

About Age of War

Age of War is a strategy-based game with lots of battles. The game takes players back to ancient times when wars were fought with swords and spears. You'll have to fight a continuous war against many enemies. So the goal is to develop a formidable army and wage war with an effective strategy. Although the game has limited levels, you'll wage continuous wars across many terrains.

Your duty as the general is to continue creating units that can protect your base and destroy the core of your enemies. For every win you get, you'll be able to multiply your revenue, so you earn XP when you win battles. As you continue playing, your civilization will change and become stronger and better. The more you evolve, the better your technologies and equipment will improve.

Although the graphics are not as impressive as many strategy games released in recent years, Age of War still has a superb visual. You'll be able to discern each game element and have a smooth and enjoyable animation. The 2D designs are colorful and capture all the important background details. The graphics color also changes depending on how far you've come in the evolutionary chain.

The game was released by Louissi in 2007 and was designed as a Flash game. The initial design was leveraged and helped the game gain popularity over the years. However, it was later changed to an HTML5 game, so you can easily play it online with your browser. Although the game is extensively popular on desktop computers and PCs, it's also available for mobile players.


The gameplay is simple; you must defend your base and win battles against the enemy. The game, therefore, requires a lot of concentration and strategies if you want to win. You'll be able to create units and add more units to your army the more you play. The larger your army becomes, the easier it is to win against higher-level enemies. You can also set up many war equipment, such as turrets and fences.

The game starts with basic gameplay. You'll have to fight with basic assault weapons, such as catapults and bats. But as time passes and you play on, you'll evolve into more sophisticated weapons such as the futuristic hover tank currently used in recent years. You'll also be able to launch artillery strikes and send multiple rocks into the air against the enemy.

Game Features

Age of War isn't an action game to bank on, but it still has some incredible features that make the game both challenging and interesting. Check out some of the game features below:

Game Levels

The game is built on an ecosystem that thrives on levels. Therefore, you can't play the game without moving across multiple levels and completing several missions. The game starts with basic missions such as attacking the cavemen with rains of rocks. Then, you'll proceed to the next level, where you have to use more sophisticated weapons as the world gets more civilized.

So, there are five ages in the game, which signifies how many stages you must pass before finishing the game. They are:

  • Stone Age
  • Castle Age
  • Renaissance Age
  • Modern Age
  • Future Age.

So, you'll not only handle the past and present but also have a hint of what futuristic wars would look like.


Although this is a 2D game, and players don't have much to do than roam the game, there are still some impressive upgrades to watch out for. You'll be experiencing a series of changes while playing as you transform your attacks from simple rocks to spears, swords, guns, and rockets.

The higher you progress across the game levels, the more complex and dangerous your weapons become. Asides from adding to the game's interactiveness, this also makes the game less boring since you won't be stuck in the same environment and with the same game elements.


As mentioned earlier, the game has some interesting weapons you can attack with. You'll be able to gain more weapons when you earn enough XP from attacking the enemies. Once you have enough of this in-game currency, you'll be able to move to a new age and unlock new types of weapons. So, you can see a transition from simple weapons like bats, rocks, spears, and swords, into machine guns, hover tanks, and rocket launchers. Each game weapon has its strengths and weaknesses, so you have to figure out which one works for you best.


The graphics on Age of War isn't the greatest you'll find out there, but it's pretty decent. The 2D design is well-colored and breathed to life with many interesting elements. For example, the stone age has a simple grass and soil background. The designs are basic but well-detailed enough to allow you to discern different characters. There is a lot of ongoing change, so you'll notice constant changes in the game characters and weapon designs.

Game Control

The control system on this game is pretty great too. You won't need many buttons since this is a clicker game. So, you can use some of the action buttons at the top right corner to attack and carry out other actions. For example, changing the view or checking more details can be done by moving across the screen or clicking on any object you want to interact with.

Unblocked Version on IziGames

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Gameplay Videos


Although the game doesn't seem like a war or battle game available these days, it makes up for this with its simplistic approach to many game elements. It's still one of the first base defense games and has greatly impacted this genre. So, many players would rather have a go on Age of War than play modern war and strategy games. Nevertheless, you should try Age of War if you want a strategy-based game minus the fuss and confusion from most newly designed games with high-quality graphics.