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Rolling Ball

Rating: 2.9 (14 vote)
Developer: Zego Studio
Updated: 2023-01-06
Category: Action

Description: Engage your kids and develop their focus skills with the Rolling Ball Unblocked game. A fun and engaging game online, giving off a thrilling game experience.

Description of Rolling Ball Game

Do you enjoy playing arcade games? This is a game to explore. The Rolling Ball game is an engaging one that requires rolling a ball into a hole.

As the player, your aim should be aiming the ball and shooting it into the hole while avoiding obstacles like wood, pit, water, etc. As you play a level, the challenge becomes difficult; hence you must focus while playing. Check out how to play with its controls as you read further.

Features of Rolling Ball Online Game

Below are interesting features of the Rolling Ball game;

Simple gaming interface

Rolling Ball game features a simple gaming interface with a clean layout and organized feature that makes the game attractive to play.

Easy controls

With this feature, playing the rolling ball game is easy, fun, and straightforward. The controls are easy to navigate. To play the rolling ball game online, use the left mouse button to aim and shoot the ball to the hall. Simple and direct.

Engaging Gameplay

Rolling Ball is an engaging and thrilling game. While trying to aim the ball and avoiding obstacles and falls, you get a melanin rush making it thrilling. If you fail to enter the hole with the ball you have, it is game over, and you have to start again. Though it's engaging, it is still fun to play.

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How to Play Rolling Ball

The Rolling Ball game is fun and easy to play. There is no difficulty playing this game. It constitutes simple controls and easy gameplay, and it requires focus while playing. To Play Rolling Ball game online;

  • Visit to play
  • Search for the Rolling Ball game (takes you to the gameplay page)
  • Click on play

Note: You must pass a level to unlock the next level; there are over 10 levels to play

  • Aim the ball at the hole and shoot
  • Click the left mouse button, aim and shoot to play
  • Ensure you get through the hole avoiding all obstacles to not fail

This is simple and understandable for all kids.



Do I need to monitor my kids while playing the Rolling Ball game? +

This is not necessary; it is a simple game to play. As long as they understand the game controls, you can leave your kids alone.

How can I win the Rolling Ball game online without failing? +

The main thing to do is aim the ball with a solid push to the hole and shoot. However, avoid obstacles like wood, water, shapes, etc.

How many levels does Rolling Ball have? +

Rolling Ball has 12 game levels.