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War In Space

Rating: 7.7 (13 vote)
Developer: Blank State
Updated: 2022-12-29
Category: Action
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Description: Play War in Space and have fun driving a battleship through Space while you shoot other ships down, lead the scoreboard, and gather up a bonus point.

War in Space: Introduction to an Arcade Game

In the retro-style arcade shooter War in Space game, you fight waves of relentless alien ships. You will face various foes in the more than eighty waves, from protected warriors to stationary gun turrets, so be on the lookout for the heavily armored Bard.

As you go, you acquire credits that you can use to modify your ship along the tech tree, boost attack, defense, and special powers, or even call in many partnerships. Depending on the tech tree items you have obtained, you can select one of four upgrades every ten levels. If you die, you will restart at that level rather than starting from scratch.

The gameplay of War in space games is easy and straightforward; it involves the player going against several enemy space ship in each stage. The player is tasked with eliminating all the battleships at that level. After clearing each stage, players get bonus points and credits that can be used for upgrades. War in Space unblocked is a fun game to play and enjoy; it contains more than 50 stages, keeping players entertained at all times.

Features of War in Space Online That Makes It an Amazing Game                      

Multiplayer Mode

This game features a multiplayer mode, where players can team up with their friends and go against a spaceship in waves of attack. Each player will be able to assist the other in this mode; it gives room for team play and cooperation. In this mode, communication between players is vital as both players' attacks will have to be in sync so as to emerge victorious.

Solo Mode

In the solo mode of War in Space play online, players will need help from other players. They will have to face the waves of the attack on their own. This feature allows players to hone their skills and become the best individual players.

Cool Spaceships

There is a different kind of spaceship available to players in the War in Space game Unblocked, giving players the freedom to choose the one that suits their playing style. Also, the enemy battleship changes as well; as players advance in the game, the enemy battleship also increases in difficulty.

Different Stages

The game has different stages, making it more fun and exciting for players; with this feature, players won't be bored at any point in time. This features also helps players determine their level of training because the higher stage they get to, the higher the difficulty.

Different Upgrade

With the coins and credits players get after each stage, players can upgrade their spaceship, which gives them more edge over opponents. With upgrades, players can also change their playing style; some players will like long-range attacks, while others might fancy close-range combat.

Global Scoreboard

This feature gives players a sense of competition, making the game more fun. With this feature, players get to see whether they are above their mates.

How To Play War in Space Io

How to unblock War in Space is simple; the controls are on the screen for mobile devices, and for pc, you will have to use the keyboard and Mouse to navigate through the game. There are specific keys to use for controls in War in Space games; these keys include:

  • Mouse to move around
  • Left Mouse to shoot or A button
  • Right Mouse to use a particular skill
  • QWER for Upgrades

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You can immediately begin playing War in Space game unblocked and enjoy your space game without having to register. Choose a spaceship that will give meaning to your playing style in this Battle game, launch the desired mode and begin your journey in this shooting game. It's time to practice your shooting techniques! You are now prepared to participate in a real-player, multiplayer, battle royale game.


Frequently Asked Questions about War in Space

Who Made War in Space? +

Odessa Ltd made War in Space.

Is War in Space Free to Play? +

Yes, War in Space is a fun game to play and enjoy.

Is War in Space an Online Game? +

Yes, War in Space is a free Online Game that requires no download.