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Stickman Throwing

Rating: 7.2 (43 vote)
Developer: SkyNomadGames
Updated: 2023-02-02
Category: Action

Description: Play Stickman throwing and have fun in this action game where you play the role of a stickman and engage in projectile combat. Face enemies in hard battles.

Stickman Throwing Game: How Good is Your Aim?

 If you’re a fan of stickman games, then this one, in particular, will catch your attention. The famous stickmen are back with another fun-filled game with unique gameplay and a cool concept, but this time, you are throwing deadly spears at your opponents, intending to eliminate them.

Stickman throwing is an action game where you have to make sure of an excellent strategy to win, and it’s an online game that you can access here for free at IziGames, as well as other stickman games.

This game was developed and published by a well-known gaming developer named Maximiliano Demonte, and he released it to the gaming community on the 17th of July, 2017. Since its release, many gamers have gotten hooked, which is no surprise. The thrill of an intense stickman battle with sharp spears sounds like a fantastic way to spend your free time.

Excellent Game Features on Stickman Throwing Online

Here are some of the exciting game features of this game. They include the following;

Exciting Physics:

The gameplay and concept of this game are built on launching attacks from different angles to your opponents, and to properly do so, you have to have good timing and angles to do proper damage. You can’t throw anywhere and expect to harm.

Different Ways to Hurt:

This game is gruesome and gory, and there are different ways to cause your opponent damage. It can be a shot to the leg, a headshot, or a piercing through the torso. You can choose wherever you want to damage your enemies.

Apple Coins:

These Apple coins are the game currency, and you get them as you kill more opponents. These Apple coins can be used to buy items and upgrades at the shop to make your stickman more powerful.

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Tips and tricks to Play Stickman Throwing Better.

  1. Work on your timing and angles. The proper angles will help you direct shots at your enemies better.
  2. Always aim for headshots, as you will be able to do more damage and kill faster.
  3. Spend your Apple coins on helmets, so you can avoid dying through headshots.

Gamesplay Videos:

Get Throwing!

Stickman throwing is a gory and fun action game where you must eliminate other stickmen. With its cool game concept, you will never get bored.


Frequently Asked Questions about Stickman Throwing

How do you aim in stickman throwing? +

You use the mouse to aim in this game, and you drag the mouse to an appropriate angle before firing a shot.

What kills your opponents the fastest? +

Always aim for your opponents' heads, as headshots do the most damage.

Can you share your game experience with your friends? +

Yes, you can enjoy sharing your stickman-throwing game experience with your friends