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Temple run

Rating: 8.3 (114 vote)
Developer: Imangi Studios
Updated: 2023-01-04
Category: Action

Description: Play Temple Run Online Game - a popular running game that engages you in different challenges and intuitive game controls. It is an engaging endless running game you will enjoy.

Description of Temple Run

Do you enjoy running games, and will you love to explore them during leisure? Temple Run is a great option for you. It is an endless running game that is engaging. As you run in the game, you must avoid jumping off the cliff, collect coins, and focus on knowing which direction to run.

Temple run has intuitive game controls, making it easy to play. Imangi studios developed this game, and gamers have embraced it worldwide. Explore this games on IziGames for a great gaming experience.

Features of Temple Run Online Games

Here are some amazing features of temple run;

Engaging Gameplay

Temple run game is an endless running game; that is, there is no end to running while you collect stars and money in the game. This makes it an engaging game. You won't get bored playing this game.

Simple Interface

Temple run features a simple layout making it pleasant to play. Explore the interface when you play temple run online.

Nice Music

The music or soundtrack suits the gameplay, and players will enjoy playing it.

Simple Controls

Temple run controls on PC and mobile are simple to use. A three-year-old can easily play this game with its controls. The major control is the WASD keys on the PC.

Engage in Challenges

There are several challenges to play in the game. Take up the challenges and earn coins as you play.

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How to Play Temple Run

Temple run online game is easy and fun to play online on PC or mobile phone with its simple controls. This game is an interesting endless running game. To play on a PC, take the following steps;

  • Log in to a trusted gaming website
  • Start playing with the controls, and use the WASD key for movement.
  • W to jump, you can use the arrow up key as well
  • AD to move left or right
  • S to slide down or down arrow key

This is straightforward and uncomplicated. Try it out on your PC at IziGames.



Does the Temple Run game have an end? +

There is no end to the temple run game; it is an endless running game hence you will keep on playing till the game is over.

Is the Temple Run game in levels? +

Temple run game online does not have game levels. However, as you play, the game system automatically levels you up.

How can I play Temple Run online on PC? +

You can play temple run online on your PC for free on This way, you won't download the game on your PC. Just visit on your computer and search for temple run, then explore the game control and an interesting gaming experience.