Run 3

Rating: 8.2 (239 vote)
Developer: Joseph Cloutier
Updated: 2022-10-24
Category: Action

Description: Play Run 3 online games unblocked at IziGames.Net. Experience endless running and exciting challenges in this addictive gravity-defying game.


About Run 3

Run 3 is a runner game that allows players to navigate a virtual alien arena. The endless runner game is themed to fit outer space. So, the game design features many space elements, including aggressive alien materials you'll have to escape from. Like most online games, it's available in HTML5, and you can play without Flash support.

This game is completely free to play on your PC. It also has simple gameplay. Your sole aim is to escape the attacking aliens. You can do this by continuously running and dodging all the obstacles in your way. The game has multiple goals and achievements, so you can proceed from one to the other when you manage to keep running without falling.

The game ends when the player falls or fails to dodge an obstacle. There are Bobby traps along the path, such as falling tiles, holes, traps, and many more, depending on you're level. Another interesting feature of the game is the wall collision. So, when you collide with a wall, the screen will rotate and send you into a highly restricted area where you have to protect and guide your little alien without recording any damage.

Although the game doesn't have the most magnificent graphics, the visuals are still pleasing enough for anyone. The colors aren't too vibrant, thanks to the space-themed background. Run 3 was created and released by Joseph Cloutier. It's the third version of the Run series so you can expect better gameplay and features than the previous versions.

Unblocked Run 3 at IziGames.Net

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Your mission is simple; guide the little alien in the right direction. The simple task can branch into various ways, though. There are many missions to complete, which are usually differentiated by the changes in terrain and difficulty. You'll be stuck with the alien when you start playing, and you can use the arrow buttons to control the alien's movement. Your goal is to find the safest route and stay alive as long as possible.

You can jump across obstacles and change direction with your keyboard while playing on a PC. So, you can traverse constantly evolving territories and improve your navigation skill. When playing on a mobile device or tablet, you can use your touchscreen to change directions and press the on-screen buttons to carry out other actions.

Game Features

Run 3 is a runner game, but unlike Temple Run and Subway Surfers, the game has unique features that players will appreciate. Check them out below:


Run 3 has nice visuals, which is expected from an HTML5 game. The design is black and white; however, there are other colors, too, depending on the game level. The game screen comprises the little alien in the middle of the galaxy. There are multiple obstacles and obstructions which are discernible to any player. The design is rather dull and probably too simple, but it still does a great job of supporting the game's framework.

Game Controls

The control system here is at a basic level. Although you'll have to control the alien and ensure it doesn't trespass the boundaries, you only have a few buttons to do that. The arrow keys help you get most of the tasks done. For example, you can jump higher and longer with the up arrow key. The more you hold it down, the longer and higher the alien leaps. For shorter distances, you have to press the key once. This control technology allows you to regulate how far the alien goes when you want to avoid an obstacle. You can also use the mouse button to do this.

Alien Skins

You'll not just be stuck with the dull alien throughout the game. Thanks to the developers, you can get a change of look for your adorable one. There are up to 9 characters available to unlock in the game. But first, you'll have to save enough power cells to start unlocking skins. Each alien has unique powers, too, so you'll be able to access better powers and features from the aliens depending on which one you unlock and use in your games.

Game Modes

You'll be able to play the Run 3 in two major modes; Explore and Infinite. The Explore lets you have a great time moving across multiple map parts. So, you can add more levels to your galaxy map and select the explore mode. You'll be able to use the Infinite mode to locate power cells and accumulate them. Once a player mistakenly falls off in this game round, an automatic game is over, so they have to forfeit it. However, you can also use the power well to continue your game with a new character.

Other Game Elements

Some handy game tricks will help you make the most of the game when you play. These include focusing on the tunnel before making your move. As a result, you can have a longer game and enjoy it better when calculating how you jump and when you should. Also, Infinite Mode serves as the game's practice arena. You'll be able to collect power cells when playing here and unlock characters. The tunnels are also different for each game. Hence, players need to pay attention to the tunnel to plan ahead of their movements.


Run 3 is a pretty impressive game, especially for people who want to enjoy a basic runner game without the distractions of high-quality games. You'll not only save your device's space but also enjoy a smooth browser. This game is a great recommendation for anyone ready for fun and adventure.