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Duck Life Space

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Developer: Wix Games
Updated: 2024-01-05
Category: Action

Description: Race through the cosmos in Duck Life Space on IziGames.Net! Train your ducks, explore alien worlds, and aim for cosmic victory in this thrilling adventure.

About Duck Life Space

Duck Life Space is an online video game that belongs to the popular "Duck Life" series. In this particular installment, players take on the role of a duck trainer who embarks on an intergalactic racing adventure with their feathered friends. The game's plot revolves around an alien from outer space who has stolen the world champion trophy, prompting the player to journey through space to retrieve it.

How to Play Duck Life Space

Training Your Feathered Champions

In Duck Life Space, you have the chance to train your ducks to become cosmic racing legends. Much like previous iterations of the Duck Life series, you'll focus on honing your duck's flying, running, swimming, jumping, and now, intelligence skills. Each skill is essential for your duck's success in the intergalactic races that await. Train your ducks to perfection and prepare for cosmic challenges beyond your wildest dreams.

Cosmic Quests and Epic Races

Venture into the galaxy, where each exotic new world you encounter presents a unique set of challenges. Your mission? To complete races and mini-games on these alien planets, all in pursuit of reclaiming your world champion trophy. Every duck race victory brings you one step closer to that glorious moment when you can finally fly off to the next cosmic destination. Are you ready to face the unknown and bring your trophy back home?

Discovering Key Features of Duck Life Space

  • Six planets with unique alien duck species. Explore a universe teeming with diversity and discover the secrets of alien ducks from different corners of the cosmos.
  • Six skills to master through 24 thrilling minigames. Test your agility, speed, intelligence, and more in a series of engaging challenges designed to prepare your ducks for cosmic glory.
  • Customization options for styling your duck squad with hats, hairstyles, and clothing. Let your creativity run wild as you dress up your ducks and make them the fashion icons of the universe.
  • Enchanting music that adds an ethereal touch to your cosmic journey. Immerse yourself in the cosmic vibes of Duck Life Space with a captivating soundtrack that elevates your gaming experience.

How to control

Controlling your ducks in Duck Life Space is essential to navigate the cosmic challenges and excel in the intergalactic races. Here's a guide on how to control your ducks effectively in different scenarios:

  • Running Controls: To control your duck's movements while running, simply use your mouse. Left-click anywhere on the screen to make your duck change direction.
  • Swimming Controls: When your duck takes a dip into the cosmic waters, you'll need to use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control its swimming movements.
  • Flying Controls: To navigate through the cosmic skies, use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.

Explore the Universe: Play Duck Life Space on IziGames.Net Today

Play Duck Life Space on IziGames.Net and embark on an out-of-this-world gaming adventure like never before. This intergalactic duck racing game takes you on a cosmic journey where you'll train your feathered friends to become champions of the universe. Travel to exotic planets, encounter unique alien duck species, and compete in thrilling races and minigames as you strive to reclaim the stolen world champion trophy.