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Electric Man

Rating: 6.7 (3 vote)
Developer: Damien Clarke
Updated: 2024-01-18
Category: Action

Description: Experience heart-pounding stickman battles in Electric Man on IziGames.Net. Customize your fighter, master combos, and conquer opponents in this electrifying game

Electric Man Game - Play online on IziGames.Net

Electric Man is an electrifying stickman fighter game that offers an adrenaline-packed gaming experience. Players can immerse themselves in intense battles and face a range of challenging opponents, all while enjoying the simplicity and charm of stickman graphics. To engage in this epic showdown, simply head over to IziGames.Net and play it online. Customize your stickman character, choose your level of difficulty, and unleash a variety of punch and kick combos as you strive to become the ultimate stickman fighter.

Master the Basics

Once you've tailored your stickman to your liking, it's time to dive into the action. Electric Man provides a tutorial that guides you through the basic game mechanics and move sets. This ensures that both beginners and seasoned gamers can jump right in and start throwing punches and kicks with finesse.

Meet the Developer

Electric Man is the brainchild of developer Damien Clarke, known for crafting other exciting games like Bloxorz. With a proven track record in creating captivating and engaging gaming experiences, Clarke's work is a testament to the quality of Electric Man.

Features That Amp Up the Excitement

  • Large Array of Different Moves: Electric Man offers a vast selection of moves to keep gameplay fresh and engaging. Experiment with different combinations to discover your own fighting style.
  • Fun Stickman Gameplay: The stickman character adds a unique and entertaining element to the game. The simplicity of stickman graphics contrasts with the complex and thrilling combat scenarios.
  • Three Different Difficulty Levels: Whether you're a casual gamer or a seasoned pro, Electric Man accommodates your skill level. Choose your preferred difficulty and tailor the challenge to your liking.

How to Play Electric Man Online

Mastering Electric Man's controls is essential for success:

  • Arrow keys: Use these keys to move your stickman character, navigating through the intense battles.
  • Quick Moves: Execute quick moves with A, S, and D keys. These moves are your go-to for rapid attacks.
  • Slow Motion Moves: When you need to deliver a devastating blow, use the Q, W, and E keys for slow-motion moves. Remember to manage your battery power wisely.


In conclusion, Electric Man is not just a game it's an electrifying journey into the world of stickman fighters. With its customizable characters, diverse move sets, and challenging opponents, it offers a gaming experience like no other. Whether you're a casual gamer or a seasoned pro, the three different difficulty levels ensure there's something for everyone. The thrill of executing swift attacks and strategic slow-motion moves adds an extra layer of excitement, making Electric Man a must-try for those seeking intense battles and a chance to prove their stickman fighting prowess. So, step into the arena, customize your stickman, and see if you have what it takes to become the ultimate stickman fighter.