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Funny Shooter

Rating: 7.9 (73 vote)
Developer: GoGoMan
Updated: 2023-02-03
Category: Action

Description: Play Funny Shooter unblocked and have fun in this first-person shooter game where you take on different orange guys and use multiple weapons to take them out.

Funny Shooter Unblocked: Take Out Your Enemies

Shooting people have always been a way to have fun in online games, but if you’re looking for an entirely different experience, why not come and shoot some orange guys in this funny online game? Funny shooter is a playful but explicit first-shooter game where you use different heavy ammunition to take out your opponents. Your main objective of this game is to avoid dying from the invasion of enemies and eradicate them all.

If you’re looking for where to play this exciting game, stop your search, as it is available here at IziGames for free, and you can also enjoy playing other games that follow the same concept. GogoMan developed this game, and it was released in June 2022.

 The game grew an extensive fan base instantly as gamers fell in love with it, it is a desktop game, and you use the keys of your keyboard to navigate and perform different actions like attacks. What are you waiting for? You can find out more about this game when you start playing it.

Exciting Game Features on Funny Shooter Unblocked Games

Different Weapons Available:

There are a variety of different weapons that players can make use of in this game. From small pistols to heavy bazookas and grenades, you can use other guns to take out your opponents.

Stunning Graphics:

This game has impressive graphics that you should look out for. The game's overall look is stunning, with nice colors and sounds to make a fantastic game.

First-person shooter:

This game follows a first-person shooter game mode, giving players a different feel to shooter games. It’s different from the usual, and the camera angles aren’t cliche.

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Funny Shooter Unblocked IziGames Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks that will give you a better gaming experience.

  1. Avoid taking damage from enemies' grenades and pitchforks.
  2. Use heavy weapons like bazookas and grenades to kill your enemies.
  3. Make sure to aim for your opponent's head to kill them faster.


There are many shooter games in the gaming community, but not many are like funny shooter. Enjoy a hilarious gaming experience on this game. The game also has amazing graphics and a good sound system.


Frequently Asked Questions on Funny Shooter Destroy All Unblocked

What is the best weapon to use on funny shooter? +

Make use of the bazookas, as they are heavy weapons that can kill your enemies fast.

How can you change your weapons during battle? +

You make use of the hot key to change between your weapons.

How do you remove a weapon? +

You use the E key on the keyboard to remove a weapon.