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Talking Angela

Rating: 7.5 (173 vote)
Developer: Outfit7
Updated: 2023-01-17
Category: Arcade

Description: Play Talking Angela Online and have fun playing with your little pet cat called Angela. With your help, she will grow to become a beautiful adult cat.

Talking Angela Online: Introduction to this Exciting Game for All Ages

As written above, My Talking Angela Online is a fun game where you take care of a little cat called Angela. When you first start playing Talking Angela Online, your pet cat will be a kitten but as you progress in the game, she will grow to become a beautiful adult cat with your help.

Talking Angela Online play has many interaction options for players to enjoy. The most essential interaction options in the game is to feed your cat, clothe her, clean her (bathing and brushing) and put her to bed when she is sleepy. The Talking Angela Online free game features many food options that you can feed your cat including vegetables and junk food.

In Talking Angela Online (free), your pet cat will not only take baths, eat and sleep. The game features tons of Talking Angela Online games (mini games) for players to enjoy. These games are a way for Angela to engage herself when she is less busy. You will also be able to take her shopping to get new clothes, accessories and even wigs.

The game features an album of trading cards that players can collect with the help of Angela. The fun part is you can even take Angela on trips to other countries and take lovely pictures. If you love playing Talking Tom then you will surely love My Talking Angela Online PC as it is a complete version of the former.

There are so many features for you to enjoy while playing with and taking care of your cute pet cat. If you are interested in becoming a top-notch cat parent, you can join in on the fun and play Talking Angela Online for free here at

Features That Make Talking Angela Unblocked Exciting to Play

  • Feed The Cat: as written above, feeding Angela is one of the features that make Talking Angela Online exciting to play. Angela needs to eat to survive and grow so whenever she gets hungry, tap the fork and knife option to feed her. There are many food options for her to enjoy including milk, burgers, carrots, lollipops, etc. When you run out of food, you can shop for more at the supermarket.
  • Fashion: another exciting feature of this game is fashion. Angela is a girl who loves fashion and loves to dress up. You can take her shopping and get nice clothes and accessories for her. You can also purchase cool hairstyles for her.
  • Take Care of Angela: taking care of Angela is the most important and exciting feature of the game. When she gets hungry, you have to feed her. When she gets tired, you have to put her to bed. When she gets bored, you have to play mini games to keep her occupied and when she gets dirty, you have to bath her and brush her teeth.

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Tips to enjoy Talking Angela Online Better

If you want to know how to play Talking Angela Online better and have a fantastic gaming experience, here are some tips you should keep in mind.

The main goal of the game is to keep Angela happy and take care of her. So you need to focus on catering for her basic needs which includes giving her food when she is hungry and taking care of her hygiene.

Rest is very important in this game – you need to ensure that Angela is well rested as she cannot function well if she is not. When her energy level drops, it is time for a nap.

Once you have catered for Angela’s basic needs for the day, you can play mini games to earn coins which can be used to buy food, clothes and other things.

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Join in on the fun and responsibility of becoming a cat parent by playing Talking Angela Online today. Take care of Angela – feed her, cloth her, make sure she gets enough rest and take care of her hygiene.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Talking Angela Online fun to play? +

Talking Angela Online is an exciting game. Players will enjoy taking care of Angela and playing mini-games on the side when they get tired.

Can Angela talk in Talking Angela Online? +

If you say something to Angela, she will say the exact same statement in a comical way making the game more interesting.

Is Talking Angela Online free? +

Talking Angela Online is a game that can be played for free.