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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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Developer: Rockstar North
Updated: 2022-12-10
Category: Sports

Description: Play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and enjoy this interactive open-world game. Enjoy exploring Vice City and playing different missions as you move up the ranks.


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Grand Theft Auto vice city is one of the most played games on different gaming platforms. It was originally a video game on consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, but due to popular demand, it became a game available online and on mobile devices.

The Grand Theft Auto vice city online 90 is an open-world simulation where you play the role of the main character of the Grand Theft Auto vice city, an Italian man named Tommy, and you use him to play different missions and side quests. Apart from the missions, players can explore the beautiful game world and interact with everything around them. Enjoy playing this and many more exciting games at IziGames.

You must play the Grand theft Auto vice city latest version 30, as you will enjoy playing with improvements and advanced gameplay, and a better gaming experience. The online game is played with people worldwide; there are different events and multiple scenarios players can look forward to engaging in. Although it was first released on the 6th of December, 2012, Rockstar Nation developed it. Rockstar Nation is a well-known gaming company that has made trendy games such as other versions of Grand Theft Auto, and the Grand Theft Auto vice city remake 50 is another one under the umbrella of these exciting games.

One thing that people should look out for is the sensible content in the game, and there are multiple sex scenes, different forms of violence in this game, and strong language. The game is rated 18, and it is not a game that children should play. It will be too sensitive for them and may affect them differently.

Enjoy playing this game and never get bored, there is a never-ending amount of activities to do on the game, and even if you finish all of the levels, there are still many other things you can engage yourself with. Once you start playing, you will never want to stop playing.

Excellent Features on Grand Theft Auto Vice City Unblocked

There are different game features in this game to keep you excited. Some of them include the following:

Multiple Missions and Side Quests:

The highlight of this game is the number of exciting missions to play. There are multiple Grand Theft Auto vice city missions 210, with unique stories and exciting activities to complete before passing the mission. There are over fifty main missions to complete, and you must pass each to advance in the game. All the missions in the game will keep you on your toes, but the makers always have a way to make the Grand Theft Auto vice city final mission 10 the best, as there's always a twist to the story. There are also side quests that players should engage in to complete the game 100% and unlock all of the Grand Theft Auto vice city achievements 30.

Easy Controls:

Playing this game is made very easy on both the computer version and the mobile one. It has intuitive gameplay, and the game's mechanics is something that players will never complain about. Players use the keyboard on the PC, which can be modified in the settings to tune it to what fits them. You can use the directional keys and other keys of the alphabet to navigate around, but the mobile version has on-screen keys that players select to perform different commands. Once you start playing this game, you may need some time to get used to it, but you will have no problem after a while.

Open World:

This game is played in an open world In the beautiful vice city, which is located in America. The map is extensive, and you can explore different regions around the map. There are multiple places to visit, and each location has different activities. You can also react with the city's people and discover different side quests from then. The city is filled with different buildings, skyscrapers, and fun attractions that people will love. There is so much that players can enjoy doing so much that makes the game authentic, such as buying a drink and even purchasing clothes.


There are different vehicles in this game that will attract players, and the coolest part is that you are given the complete freedom to use all of the Grand Theft Auto vice city vehicles. Apart from the cars that are around the city, players can purchase classic cars and make use of them. There are also cheat codes in the game that players can use to unlock special vehicles that aren't common in the game. Apart from the beautiful sports cars, there are aerial vehicles like planes, helicopters, and choppers, and water automobiles like boats and submarines.


Apart from the fact that this game is played in an open world, it is a three-dimensional game with beautiful vivid visuals. The drawings and illustrations in the game are all beautiful, and the look is very authentic. The genuine feel of this game is one thing that makes it one of the best games that have ever been released. The view of the city also toggles between day, which has a very sunny and vibrant look, and night which has an excellent and calm look.

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Tips for playing Grand Theft Auto unlimited 10 Better

Here are some guidelines that will improve your gameplay and make you enjoy the game better.

Firstly, players should make use of different cheat codes in the game. They enhance your gaming experience and make it more convenient. For example, the unlimited money cheat gives players access to funds to buy everything they want.

Also, when the cops are chasing you, you should use fast sports cars as they can evade the police better.

One thing you should look out for is paint shops. Spray painting your cars when you're on the run helps you escape the cops easier, and they won't be able to recognize the car you're in.

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If you love open-world games, then this is the perfect game for you to engage yourself with. There are multiple missions and different activities to do that will keep you interested always.


Frequently Asked Questions about Grand Theft Auto New Version 20

How can you make a lot of money in Grand Theft Auto Vice City? +

Money is obtained by completing missions, and you can also get money using cheat codes.

How to get an Airplane? +

You can get an airplane from the airport hangar in this game.

Can you fight civilians? +

Yes, you can get into physical fights with civilians, and they can cause you damage.