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Retro Bowl

Rating: 8.3 (60 vote)
Developer: New Star Games
Updated: 2022-10-24
Category: Sports

Description: Play online Retro Bowl Unblocked - the apt video game simulation of American Football. Take your sporty skills to the field and compete against other players for the legendary title!

About Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl is an amazing simulation game of the popular American football sport, which originated in the United States and quickly influenced surrounding nations and regions. American Football is a highly revered sport in the US and is arguably the most honoured country. The Super Bowl is an annual American Football sporting competition event in the US. Under the inspiration of the Super Bowl, the game title Retro Bowl emerges.

Retro Bowl is a video game developed and offered by the gaming company New Star Games Ltd, based in the United Kingdom, a company well-known for creating sport-based role-playing video games. The game was officially released on the 17th of January, 2020, for Android and iOS platforms. Retro Bowl can also be accessed and enjoyed on in-web browsers available on certain websites. On the 10th of February, 2022, a new version was released for the Nintendo Switch.

Retro Bowl has done amazingly well since its release, amassing over one million downloads on Google Play alone, since its release. Many gamers find the game's retro style very endearing and unique, coupled with the slick gameplay and fascinating in-game features. As a result, Retro Bowl rose to number one on the Apple app store in late 2021. The game can be enjoyed by those who are familiar with the sport and those who aren't since the settings are very simple, straightforward, and user-friendly.

Gameplay of Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl simulates American Football, so the gameplay is pretty much all about that of the actual sport. In the game, the player directs and oversees the entire gameplay of the players on the team. American Football is a team sport; each team contains 11 players with different roles on the field. The video game makes provisions for defenders, attackers, and the task force group. The defenders act to keep opposing players from getting a hold of the ball or coming dangerously close to scoring territory; the attackers stay around the middle field and are tasked with passing and getting the ball across while the task force group expends the most energy, kicking and throwing the ball while dashing across the field for a win.

To score, a player on your team should be able to move the ball as far as the complete end of the opponent's court and make a viable touch. The game can be quite tricky and requires speed and strength, good tactics, and sharp eyes and minds. The opposing players are controlled by artificial intelligence, but this does not mean they are slack, as they put up a good fight. Alternatively, Retro Bowl can be played in multiplayer mode with a friend directing the affairs of the opposing team.

The controls are also very simple and easy to understand. Retro Bowl has a very friendly user interface, so you can be sure to get the hang of the game in no time. The control buttons are vividly placed at conspicuous parts of the screen. The game uses a simple control mechanism to move the player forward, backward, right or left using a mobile device or the Nintendo Switch. Other actions that need to be carried out by the players, like throwing and catching the ball, making accurate passes, kicking, and the likes, are also not difficult. Retro Bowl is special for its simplicity, and new players can begin to get into the fun in no time.

The main mission of the player in the game is to direct and lead the team through consequent matches until they qualify for the grand Retro Bowl Championship and claim the title of the legends. To achieve this, the player has to direct the playing on the field and many other aspects of the game. In addition, as the team's general manager, you are tasked with recruiting, trading, or cutting off players, making deals and bargains that will benefit the team's general welfare, signing agents, and keeping the team spirit alive with motivation and showing up. Retro Bosk expects you to put in your all to make your team the best and secure the winning place at the grand Retro Bowl Title Championship.

Features of Retro Bowl

  • Retro Style Graphics. Retro Bowl does not use the modern popular 3D graphics but goes with the back-in-the-day 2D graphics with a nostalgic retro setting. However, this does not reduce the quality of the game's graphics. The visuals are clear and concise, with the greenery, scenery, players, and all other features clearly outlined and set in place. Very importantly also, Retro Bowl pays close attention to the sound and music effects, all serving to bring the game to life and give you that surreal arcade experience.
  • Always Expect Something New. With Retro Bowl, constant upgrades are made, and new versions are released now and then. Taking your feedback, the game developers continue to add new and exciting features, so you can be sure to always look out for something new while playing.
  • Offers in-app purchases. There are provisions for buying certain features and elements in the game with real money. But not to worry, these are pocket-friendly and minimal too. Asides from the in-app purchases, there is also a Retro Game currency that can be used to make certain purchases and buy upgrades. This currency can be warned while playing the game.
  • Customize Your Characters. In Retro Bowl, there are a variety of awesome characters with different styles, build, advantages and disadvantages. You can customismze your player's outfits, change their style, or purchase upgrades for them in the game.

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Retro Bowl is the ultimate go-to for your mobile American Football experience. Every moment is brought to life with smooth gameplay and beautiful graphics. Retro Bowl is awesome for simply passing the time, testing your sports skills, or having fun with friends. Although it is a simulation of an American Football game, Retro Bowl is available worldwide and on all available mobile app stores for download. So pick up your sports gear and become the football legends!