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Shell Shockers

Rating: 6.9 (94 vote)
Developer: Blue Wizard Digital
Updated: 2022-11-26
Category: Io Games

Description: Play Shell Shockers Online and enjoy playing this shooting game. Play the role of an armed egg, face other opponents in fierce battles, and become the ultimate winner.


Shell Shockers io: What To Know About This Shooting Game

Different shooting games interest gamers, but if you’re looking for one that will give you an entirely different experience, then Shell Shockers is one that you should look at.

Shell Shockers online is an action-filled first-person shooting game where you play the role of eggs and take on other players just like yourself. This game is a battle royale where people from different locations compete against each other, and the last person surviving is crowned the winner. Play Shell Shockers on IziGames, join in on the intense battles, and never miss out on any fun.

Shell Shockers mobile was recently updated with new additions, improved gameplay, and better graphics, but it was initially released on the 29th of September, 2021, and Blue Wizard Digital INC offered it. Blue Wizard Digital is a Canadian gaming development company that has built an excellent reputation for releasing amazing games, and Shell Shockers online is the best they’ve made so far.

This game has various forms of fantasy violence and different explicit scenes that make the game only available for users over the age of 10. Playing the Shell Shockers online game has never been a problem for people as the control operations have always been easy. On-screen operations are made available, and with the joystick and buttons, people can quickly move around and perform different functions like attacking and evading.

Looking for the best way to kill boredom and reduce stress? The Shell Shockers free game will solve these issues for you and keep you engaged always. Test your battle skills and see if you have what it takes to emerge victorious in the fierce battle royale against other eggs.

Game Features That Will Get Players Excited About Shell Shockers io Games

Look out for some impressive features when playing this game. Some of them are:

Different Guns:

In this game, there are 8 different guns that players can choose from that can be used in the battle royale. The guns in this game all have unique appearances and different specs that will attract players as long as they play. These weapons can be picked up as you navigate the game, and they can be customized with different themes and styles to change their appearance. The eight guns included in this game are the Crackshot, Scrambler, Tri-hard, Whipper, RPEGG, Free Ranger, EggK-47, and the Cluck 9mm. As you progress in the game, you will discover all these guns, and you must make sure you try them out.

Customizable Items:

Apart from the cool weapons in this game, there are also different customizable items that can be used to make your gaming experience more exciting to play. Enjoy customizing your egg star with different items such as cool hats, colorfully designed grenades, and decals. There are multiple Shell Shockers skins that players can explore to design their characters and make them appear as stylish as possible. This makes the game more exciting as you can discover many items to make the game more interesting.

Game modes:

One of the most incredible things about this game is that there are different ways to play this game and have fun. There are multiple game modes in this game, and you can have fun playing each of them as they all come with unique gameplay and concepts. There are four different game modes, single-player free for all, where you take on every other opponent in the battle Royale. There is a multiplayer mode where you join a team and compete in a red vs. blue battle, a capture the flag game mode called Capture the spatula, and the King of the coop Shell Shockers game mode where you are demanded to capture 5 coops to win the game.


The visual system in this game is one that you should look out for. The graphics in this game can be said to be near perfect as the game contains proper illustrations with drawings of the characters and landscapes all being vivid. This game is played on a three-dimensional landscape, and there are different maps in this game, so it won’t appear to be repetitive. It is vital to set your device to rotate so you can enjoy the Shell Shockers full screen. Besides the exciting gameplay and fantastic fights, the visuals are one thing they’ll love.

Golden Eggs:

Golden Eggs I’m this game can be said to be the currency of the game, and they are earned as you defeat multiple enemies and when you come out victorious in the battle Royale. These golden eggs can be used to purchase different gun skins, grenades, decals, hats, and other accessories that will make you appear more attractive.

There are more features that you will discover when you start playing this game. Jump into a world of exciting shooting and funny characters.

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Tips To Become a Shell Shockers Wizard

These are some tips on how to play Shell Shockers better and how to get free eggs in Shell Shockers.

Firstly, if you’re looking for the best weapons to use, it is advised that you use the EggsK-47 and Dozen Gauge Shotgun. These are the best guns to use, and they’ll help you take out characters better. The more opponents you defeat, the more eggs you collect.

Also, players should take advantage of the vast map in the game and discover hideout locations. This is useful as you can use it to wait out and avoid enemies until you are ready to attack. It is also an excellent tactic to defend yourself against enemies.

One thing people should look out for is teaming up with other players and forming alliances. Playing the game with friends makes it more fun and increases your chances of winning.

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Final Verdict

Shell Shockers is a fantastic game for you, and it is one that you should have on your device. If you love shooting games, you will adore this game.


Frequently Asked Questions about Shell Shockers

Is Shell Shockers Safe? +

Shell Shockers is a safe game. There are multiple forms of fantasy violence, but the game can be considered as a safe one since there is a lack of explicit or sensitive scenes.

Who made Shell Shockers? +

This game was developed and published by Blue Wizard Digital. They are a Canadian gaming development company.

Can you download Shell Shockers? +

Yes, Shell Shockers has a mobile application that can be downloaded on your device.