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Developer: Jaeyun Noh
Updated: 2022-12-23
Category: Io Games

Description: Play Krew io and enjoy this online multiplayer game where you play as a canon. Create your team and go through different fun activities on the open sea.

Krew io 8100: An Exciting Sailing Game

Different kinds of games come out each day, and this is one for people that love sailing and open waters. This is an exciting 3D multiplayer game that you can enjoy playing with people around the world. This game has been tagged as one of the best io games and has become very popular.

The Krew io game 50 is a sailing gaming where players create their teams, form a crew, and engage in fierce battles against other teams on the open seas. In this game, players play the role of canons, and your only action is that you can move around and fire your canon balls at other players. It is a fantastic game, and the gameplay has made it famous. People have never really played a game where you and other players form alliances and create a pirate team, so it’s something different, it has given a new look to multiplayer games, and on this game, you can enjoy the best cooperative experience. Here at IziGames, you can play this game and many more just like this for free.

This game was released on the 18th of December, 2016, and Ponomarevk developed it. It is constantly being updated to get the best version, so players should look out for the latest versions of this game. It is an arcade game, so players are given points and score when they hit another crew's boats with their canon balls. This is one of the most exciting games you can involve yourself in. If you’re looking for the best game to play over the weekend with your friends, then Krew io is the ideal choice.

Unique Game Features on Krew io Classic

This game is filled with different game features. Here are some of them:

Simple Controls:

Playing this game has never been a problem for people as the mechanics are not complex at all. The game has simple controls, and players have to use the mouse to move the camera to a convenient position and then use the WASD keys to move their canon around the area. To attack and fire the cannon, players make use of the left button on the mouse, and that is it. It may take some rounds to get familiar with it, but once you are used to it, you will never have any problems.

Gold Coins:

Gold coins are the currency in this game, and when players destroy different ships of other crews, they are rewarded with gold coins. These coins can be used in the game shop to purchase different items and materials that can be used to make your gaming experience more enjoyable. Gold in this game is the essential thing, so players are advised not to spend them carelessly. You can use the gold to buy new ships or upgrades to the one you are currently on.


The look of this game is incredible, and it’s one that people will genuinely appreciate. The game is played on a 3D screen, and it takes place on the open sea. If you’re a lover of oceans and water bodies, then this is the perfect game for you. The open world is full of different ships and obstacles, and the designs are fantastic. With a bright look and the use of different colors, it can be said that this game looks stunning.


Like other arcade games, players are given points when they perform different activities, and the more you take out other crews, the better your score becomes. The crew with the highest score is ranked as the best in the game, making playing this game more interesting. Everyone is trying to get a higher score so that no one will take it easy.

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Tips and Tricks on Krew io Unblocked 30

  1. At the beginning of the game, never buy a ship. It will waste your gold, and it is better to join another crew and build yourself up.
  2. Focus on getting more gold, as this is what you use to buy upgrades and become stronger. The quickest way to earn gold is by defeating other players.
  3. Aim lower when you’re shooting because the canons usually go higher.

Gameplay Videos

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What are you waiting for?

With its gameplay, excellent graphics, and fun you can have with your friends, what else are you waiting for? Start playing this game and enjoy.


Krew io Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest ship on Krew io? +

The fastest ship in this game is the night wind

Does this game save progress? +

Yes, your progress is automatically saved as you play.

Can you fish in +

Yes, this is one of the activities you can perform in this game.