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Developer: Vira Games
Updated: 2022-12-23
Category: Io Games
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Description: Play Raft io and enjoy this thrilling and intense survival game. Survive through all the hardships and obstacles of being stuck in the middle of the big ocean.

Raft io 1300: An Online Multiplayer Survival Game

Action games are always going to be an interest to gamers, but this type is one that’ll catch the interest of most players in the gaming community. Survival games have recently caught the interest of many people, and this one, in particular, has become a trendy game. With its fantastic story and intriguing gameplay, you will love playing it. Luckily, this game is available for free here at IziGames.

The Raft io game 90 is an online multiplayer survival game where you play as someone who has been left in the middle of the sea, where you are left on nothing but some pieces of wood. You are left with materials such as metal, rope, water, and other stuff. Your main aim is to survive, and you are to move across the ocean to find different materials and resources that will make survival more convenient.

But what makes it more interesting is that multiple obstacles come your way, such as dangerous sharks and feisty friends around the vast ocean. Players are meant to construct weapons and different equipment to defend themselves from attacks that come from these obstacles. Once a player has taken substantial damage, he dies, and the game is over. If you’re a lover of survival games, this one will excite you.

FBDev developed and released this game to the gaming community, and it was recently published on the 10th of February, 2018. This game is a game that everyone can play, and it has many players on its platform. To enjoy playing this game, players simply need a good internet network and a working PC.

Start playing this game today and test your survival skills, find different materials and devise different tactics and strategies to survive in the cruel seas.

Cool Game Features on Raft io Online 10

This game is rich with different features. Some of them include the following:

Survival Tactics:

The concept of this exciting game is based on the techniques and strategies people will use to survive in an open sea. This game is a survival simulation, and players must devise the best plan to ensure they don’t lose their lives in treacherous waters. What makes it even harder is the fact that there are different obstacles, such as fierce animals and other players who have the aim of winning. So To play this game properly, players have always been on the lookout. The gameplay is something players would enjoy.

Multiplayer Experience:

Apart from being an exciting survival game, this is also a fascinating multiplayer game where players worldwide come around to play. In this game, you can either choose to play by yourself and ride solo or team up with your friends and allies to cooperate and attempt to survive together. But be on the lookout, as some player has ulterior motives, and they just want to make sure you drown. This game It is very competitive, and that’s what makes it even more exciting.

Different Resources:

In this game, different resources are scattered all over the water body. These resources are essential things in this game as they’re what players will use to build different survival materials and also weapons that they can use to defend themselves. While navigating, you should always look for all the weapons you can create, as different weapons can be made. You can make different weapons like axes, spears, and many more.


The graphics in this game are very friendly, as they contain beautiful colors and lovely illustrations that make it more attractive to the players. It is played on a 2D screen, and the characters are cute and bubbly. The game's overall look is beautiful, and gamers will love it.

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Raft io Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

  1. Always collect leaves and cloth. They are vital for your survival.
  2. Always make sure to create a pig spear. It is one of the best weapons in the game.
  3. If you’re on an island, never go inside the green area. Players will make sneak attacks on you.

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Get into this game and test your survival skills today. This game has fantastic gameplay and excellent graphics. Players will adore it.


Frequently Asked Questions about Raft io Game Online 10

What is the best strategy to survive? +

Players have their strategies, so you have to come up with your own.

What is the best weapon on Raft io? +

All weapons are helpful, but one that players should look out to use is the pig spear.

How do you play Raft io? +

You use the WASD key and the mouse to play this game.