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Basketball Stars

Rating: 7.4 (112 vote)
Developer: MadPuffers
Updated: 2022-10-24
Category: Sports

Description: Experience thrilling basketball action with Basketball Stars Unblocked. Play online for free at IziGames.Net and showcase your skills on the court


About Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars is a multiplayer basketball ball simulation game. It is also a real-time role-playing game in which the players take on the character of many famous basketball stars like Stephen Curry, LeBron James, and many others.

Basketball Stars is a game developed and offered by the game development company, Miniclip is well known in the gaming world for producing and developing high-quality sporting games like Soccer Stars and Golf Battle. The game was released on the 16th of March, 2016, for Android and iOS platforms and became a hit instantly. There are not many games in the basketball genre, and basketball fans, players, and enthusiasts worldwide were pleased to have an awesome and realistic simulation. Unfortunately, the game is strictly for smartphone platforms and cannot be accessed on game consoles and other game platforms. Basketball Stars requires devices with the minimum operating system of Android 5.0 to get the best functionality out of the game.

The game did amazingly well on several app stores, with generally positive reviews and a remarkably high rating of 4.3 out of 5 on the Google Play Store. Basketball Stars got a remarkable amount of support and patronage from Facebook platforms, where it was initially most prevalent. Since its release, Basketball Stars has amassed over fifty million downloads across all platforms. This is no shock, as the game is greatly loved and widely spread.

Amazing Gameplay of Basketball Stars

The game works on regular basketball playing techniques. However, one thing you will quickly notice about Basketball Stars is that the game does not exactly follow professional basketball's conventional rules and regulations. Basketball Stars is much more flexible and helps players quickly ease into the game. However, the game is no walkover.

Basketball Stars implements many different features and additions that help the game stand out from many other basketball games in its league. Professional basketball is normally a team game, but Basketball Stars provides 1v1 matches as in street basketball types. The player takes on any available characters and goes against opponents. The game's artificial intelligence controls the opponents. However, Basketball Stars also provides a multiplayer game mode. In multiplayer game mode, you can compete with your friends in the 1v1 battles for the win.

Asides from 1v1 battles, there are also 2v2 battles to accommodate more players if need be. In 2v2, you can either team up with your friends and play against your opponents or do it in reverse and take them head-on. Either way, you can fill in blank spaces with the AI bots. The artificial intelligence of Basketball Stars is not a walkover either. The AIs also have remarkable speed and wit and might even be frustrating for new players.

Aside from the head-on battles and single-player modes, Basketball Stars can also be played in various modes. These additional modes are always a new level of fun with different challenges. For example, you can play in speed battles or shooting races with a time-lapse. In this mode, the player or team with the highest point at the expiry of the duration wins. In this mode, speed is equally important as skill. In addition, there are also modes for playing attack defense where the winner is the one who reaches the overall point score first.

Choose and Customize Your Character

An awesome feature that endears Basketball Stars to many people is the game's characterization. The game features many popular basketball stars like James Hardin, LeBron James, and Stephen Curry. Moreover, the simulations of these characters in the game are quite accurate, bearing their trademarks to put you in a good mood. With Basketball Stars, therefore, you stand a chance to play as any of your favourite players of all time.

Also, you can customise not only your character but also many other features of the game from time to time. For example, change the outfit from clothes, shoes, headband, and other accessories you desire for your player. Asides from that, there are hundreds of customisation options and sports items, balls, you name it. This awesome range of cool stuff does not come without a price.

There are two forms of money in the game: gold coins and cash. Gold coins and cash are used to level up the players, increase their skill, talent, and prowess, and buy Coll items and accessories to help your player. The coins and cash can be accumulated throughout the game when the player wins tournaments and one-on-one battles and completes missions and challenges for the day or moves higher up the leaderboard.

Other Features in Basketball Stars

  • Realistic 3D Graphics. Basketball Stars uses the sleek modern-day 3D graphics that is now prevalent in most high-brow games. The characters look completely real, with well-defined structures with great attention to detail. Also, the camera angles in Basketball Stars spin a complete 360° depending on the player's position in motion on the field. You can face any direction and get an unrestricted view of every action in the pitch by zooming in and out.
  • Realistic Physics of Motion. As you play, you can feel every movement of your character; their spins, turns, bounces, and every moment in a realistic atmosphere. Also, the sound effects are apt and pleasing for the sporty mood.
  • Offers in-app purchases. Aside from the gold coins and cash, the game has certain features that need to be purchased with real money. You can also decide to upgrade to the premium version of the game to access and unlock many hidden awesome features of the game.

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Basketball Stars is arguably the best game in its genre and is in a different league entirely. However, basketball Stars' features are in unison, from the graphics, control, and settings to the gameplay and characterization. This game offers an awesome sporting experience right from the comfort of your mobile device.