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We Become What We Behold

Rating: 8.6 (992 vote)
Developer: Nicky Case
Updated: 2022-12-01
Category: Adventure

Description: If you enjoy adventure games, play We Become What We Behold and enjoy capturing moments in circles and squares, an interesting five minutes adventurous game.


About We Become What We Behold

Do you enjoy casual games with adventures? We Become What We Behold is a game to explore. This is a point-and-click game that places a balance between social media and society. All you need to do is take moments of characters in the game and publish them on social media. Similar to being a blogger that uploads daily content.

You will enjoy the immersive gameplay of this game. The moments you take must affect the public and shake the society. This gameplay has attracted many players worldwide.

We Become What We Behold takes only five minutes to explore its gameplay, and within those times, you will enjoy the gaming experience.  It covers different lifestyle contents like love and tribalism.

This game is lightweight, making it compatible with many devices, and it cannot slow down your network connection. Mismatch studio and Nicky case developed this game but Mismatch studio published and released it in October 2016. The developers made a major update to the game, updating the features for more gaming experience. Explore this game with friends and enjoy its features.

If you use an Android mobile device, you can download We Become What We Behold APK creator ModFYP.Com, which is a reputable Android games and apps website.

Exciting Features to Look Out For in the game

Below are some interesting features of We Become What We Behold you will enjoy;

Simple Graphics

We Become What We Behold features simple yet entertaining graphics that attract players' attention worldwide. The simple graphics are enough to display the gameplay accurately.

This game has 2D character graphics giving off an immersive gaming experience.

Great user interface

This game is easy to play, understand and navigate through its controls. It features a simple and clean layout which makes it suitable for adults and kids. All game features and settings are simple and accessible. You only need to select a character when you open the game and enjoy capturing moments.

Nice Soundtrack

We Become What We Behold does not have a lot of sounds; however, the one it has is captivating. It immerses you in the gameplay.

You will hear the sounds of people shouting at each other, crickets and many more, giving off a real-world in-game experience.

Interesting Gameplay

This game features short yet entertaining gameplay, and it takes 5 minutes to play the game. However, you will enjoy the gaming experience it brings. We Become What We Behold features the characters (squares and circles) fighting against each other.

The intriguing part is capturing their fighting moments and publishing them on social media for views.

Simple background

We Become What We Behold features a simple game background; all characters, sounds, and controls are simple and easy to understand by players.

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How to Play We Become What We Behold

Playing We Become What We Behold is easy; you can easily play on your desktop. This game is a point-and-click game; therefore, there are squares and circles in the environment; you will capture some moments with the camera and observe how these shapes react to each other. We Become What We Behold is a game between the world, society and social media.

To play, We Become What We Behold, you will start by taking a misunderstanding moment between the circles and squares, which represent the society. When you do this, you publicize it in the social media space for more views, thereby increasing the tension in the squares and circles, creating a more vigorous society.

This is simple and easy to do; love and peace become boring here; you only capture moments and amplify them on social media. To capture moments, you can use the left mouse on your desktop or PC.


If you love capturing moments in the society and exploring the media space, We Become What We Behold could be a great game to explore. It sets you in an environment where you take captivating moments and publicize them on social media, bringing more views. Join players worldwide to explore this game on IziGames.



Where can I play We become what we see? +

You can play We Become What We Behold online on the We Become What We Behold Website, or you explore the game in IziGames, where you will enjoy a seamlessly smooth gaming experience. Enjoy the five-minute game on this site.

Is We become what We behold free online? +

Yes, this game is available to play for free online. You don't have to pay to explore the gameplay and features. You only need to visit IziGames, click on the game and play.

Are there alternatives to We become what We behold game? +

Peradventure, you enjoy playing We Become What We Behold, and you will love to explore other similar games; there are many games to play, like the dinosaur game, coming out simulator, bootleg crew, etc. You can check out similar games in this piece to explore.

What is We become what we behold unblocked? +

It has been discovered that when you want to play the double A arcade, that is, the scene in schools or at work, the game is blocked, limiting players' gaming experience. Developers created the We Become What We Behold unblocked game to unlock this feature and give players a smooth game experience.