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Thief Puzzle

Rating: 8.2 (49 vote)
Developer: WEEGOON
Updated: 2023-01-12
Category: Puzzle

Description: Play Thief Puzzle today and have fun in this cool puzzle game. Steal different items from each round without being caught and get as many achievements as possible.

Thief Puzzle: Introduction To A New Puzzle Game

Thief Puzzle is a recreational game that gamers enjoy playing during their free time. What makes this game, so fun is its unique gameplay and different concept from other puzzle games. The fact that gamers can enjoy an entirely new thrill to what they’re typically used to is what pushes them to play this game more, and you, too, can join in on the fun as it is available here at IziGames.

The Thief Puzzle online game is a free web browser game where you don’t have to worry about paying a fee, and the controls of this game are exceptionally straightforward as you’re only making use of your mouse to select options to advance in the game. It sounds easy, but the puzzles are somewhat complicated, and a lot of brain work and thinking is required to play this game properly.

This game was released on the 24th of January, 2021, and TapNation released it. Because it has numerous gameplay and lacks violence, it is a game that can be played by anyone regardless of age. If you’re looking for the perfect match to enjoy playing over the weekend, which will keep you on your toes and get you thinking always, then thief puzzle is the perfect educational game for you.

Fun Game Features on Thief Puzzle Online

This game is rich with different features. Some of them Include the following:

Simple but Funny Gameplay:

Playing this game is simple, as you mustn’t press many operations to advance. All you have to do is solve puzzles by clicking on your mouse. Although? What makes it fun is the fact that the gameplay is humorous and funny. Gamers will enjoy playing it as there is always a laugh.

Different levels:

There are different levels in this game, and players can enjoy engaging in the various puzzles that come with each round. Players should also note that some rewards and items can be collected on completion of each level. There are over 30 levels for players to engage themselves in.


As you advance in this game, there are different achievements that players can unlock, and they are gotten through your progress in this game. These achievements are to show players how well they are playing the game.

Similar Games to Thief Puzzle Online Free

Different games have a similar theme to the Thief puzzle game available here at Some of them are Puzzledom and Logo Quiz.

Tips and Tricks for Thief Puzzle to Pass A Level

  1. It is essential to go past the hook points, and it will increase your chances.
  2. Look out for moving obstacles, as they can be dangerous.
  3. Look out for when your arm turns blue, which means you have gotten the item in the level.

Gamesplay Videos:

Start thinking.

Come online to this game, and test your brain in this ultimate brain thinking game. Solve exciting puzzles and enjoy yourself in this game.


Thief Puzzle Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play thief puzzles? +

You use the mouse to select objects and pick suitable options.

How can you earn points? +

Points are earned in different ways. Validating your email and referring other people are some ways.

Is it a free game? +

Yes, you don’t have to pay anything to play this game.