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Cover Orange

Rating: 7.2 (18 vote)
Developer: Johnny-K
Updated: 2023-02-16
Category: Puzzle

Description: Play Cover Orange Unblocked and have fun in this puzzle game. Rearrange different objects to cover your orange friends and guard them from the acid rain.

Cover Orange Unblocked: An Orange Puzzle Platform

Puzzle games don’t get as exciting and fun as this. Cover orange is a puzzle based game where you have to rearrange and match different objects to protect your orange friends from receiving harm from the dangerous acid rain.

Your main objective in this game is to save as many orange people as possible and that is done by placing different objects in a way to cover them. You must use your thinking skills to create barriers I the right areas, placing them in the wrong places can lead to a direct hit on your friends.

You can test your brain skills and play this exciting game here at IziGames, where more puzzle based games are also available. This game was made and released by Johhny-K, a famous game developer who has given the gaming community many amazing games to keep people entertained. Cover orange is another one of the fantastic games under his umbrella and you will definitely adore it.

Exciting Game Features on Cover Orange Online

Here are some of the  best features about this exciting game. They include the following:

Acid Rain:

A very dangerous rain cloud has been genetically developed and it is coming towards your town. Once it touches anything, or anyone, it wipes them out completely so you have to avoid it as much as possible. Use different objects to shield yourself and others from this killer rain.

Simple Controls:

Playing this game is very easy as you just have to move chests around to the positions that’s best and drop them. There aren’t any complex controls or mechanics so you wont have any problems with it.

Cute Graphics and Nice Soundtrack: 

The game features very cute graphics and it is very appealing to look at. The look of the cute orange guys and the mixture of different vibrant colors made it an amazing game. It also has a very catchy sound track.

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Tips And Tricks That Will Help You Play Cover Orange On IziGames

Here are some tips that will give you a better gaming experience.

  1. Place objects in the best place that will completely cover you from the acid rain.
  2. If you are having problems with a level and made a mistake, then you can restart a level and try again.
  3. The best way to protect yourself is by using two or more objects to create a barrier and hiding inside of it.

Final Review

Cover orange is an exciting puzzle game where you can really crack your brain and test your knowledge. It is an exciting game and you’ll love it


Frequently Asked Questions about Cover Orange Unblocked

How many levels are in this game? +

There are over 150 levels in this game, each having different gameplays. You should try them all.

What is the best strategy on Cover Orange? +

The best strategy on this game is to cover yourself with two or more objects, depending on how the level is, it will really help you

Is it free to play? +

It is a free game and you can play it here at IziGames.