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Fleeing the Complex

Rating: 8.1 (91 vote)
Developer: Puffballs United
Updated: 2023-01-31
Category: Adventure
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Description: Play Fleeing the Complex Unblocked and have fun in this stickman game. Take control of Henry stickman and take him on an adventure to escape from holding cell B!

Fleeing the Complex Unblocked: Escape from Cell B!

If you love the thrill of strategy games, this one will keep you on your toes. Have you ever wondered how to escape from a prison cell? Well, here’s your chance. Fleeing the complex is an adventure game where you play the role of a stickman named Henry, and your objective is to break out of cell B. The journey to freedom is tricky as there are multiple obstacles, guards and checkpoints you must pass before escaping.

You can find this awesome game here at IziGames, and it can be played for free. This game is the latest version of the Henry stickman game franchise, and it is the last one. It was released on the 15th of November, 2015, and PuffBallsUnited developed and released it.

 The Henry stickman game legacy will go down as one of the most exciting stickman projects due to the uniqueness of their games. Gamers had loved them, and fleeing the complex lived up to the hype it set when it initially came out.

Exciting Game Features on Fleeing the Complex Online

There are different game features that you should look out for. Some of them include the following:

Different ending:

This game works on a scenario-based system, so there are different ways this game can end. The decisions you make matter, and they all lead up to how the game will eventually end. Create your ending. Will you escape, or will you be caught and spend more time?


There are medals scattered all over the game arena, and you can search for and collect all of them. These medals are valuable items you will love to have as they search for achievements and make your gaming experience more exciting.

Big Environment and Map:

The terrain in this game is played in prison, and you’re tasked with escaping. There are different locations to find yourself in, and without a map, you can easily get lost.

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Fleeing the Complex Online Game Tips and Tricks

Here are some tactics that will help you play this game better

  1. Use the map to find different locations so you’ll never get lost.
  2. Try your hardest to avoid the guards and obstacles
  3. Always collect models, as they’ll boost your progress in the game.

Gamesplay Videos:


Fleeing the complex is one of the most exciting games from the Henry stickman series, and it has a fantastic storyline and fun gameplay that will keep players engaged always.


Frequently Asked Questions about Fleeing the Complex Unblocked No Flash

Is there a mobile version of fleeing the complex? +

Yes, there is a mobile version of fleeing the complex available on iOS.

How many fail are in fleeing the complex? +

There are approximately 347 fails in this game. Each of the fails has its fail message

How many achievements are in fleeing the complex? +

In this game, there are 18 achievements, and as you progress, you can unlock them all.