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Stickman Hook

Rating: 7.8 (148 vote)
Developer: Madbox
Updated: 2022-10-31
Category: Arcade

Description: Play Stickman Hook game online to dive into the stickman's amazing game and hook. Swing across the path, make accurate markings, and reach the finish line in due time!

About Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook is an incredibly fun game for everyone, every time and everywhere. The game features a stick man and his hook, as the name implies, trying to reach a finish line.

Stickman Hook was developed and offered by Madbox Games, a gaming company widely known for its abundant collection of different forms and genres of games for people of all ages and preferences.

The game was officially released on the 2nd of November, 2018, for smartphone platforms, remarkably spiking up in download rates immediately after it was released. Although Madbox was created for Android and iOS platforms majorly, the game can also be played on a personal computer by connecting to the game through a website.

Playing Stickman Hook on a computer is much more enjoyable, given the wider interface and more handy controls. Stickman Hook performs best primarily on Android, though, and is most compatible with devices having a minimum operating system of Android 6.0.

The game is enjoyed by a wide variety of people, given that the game is appropriate for gamers of all ages. Many players have described the game as extremely satisfying with its cool, addictive, relaxing gameplay and beautiful animated characters. Stickman Hook has amassed over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store relatively quickly. This only goes to show the wonderful nature of Stickman Hook.

What the Game Entails

Stickman Hook essentially involves the main character, which is the stickman, although this can be changed, and his hook or rope. It is a test race with many obstacles and opportunities to fail along the way, but the goal is to make it to the finish line. However, this is no normal race because, first of all, you will not be running but swinging through the air.

At the beginning of the game, the player is resting on a high stand holding a hook or rope. To start playing, you have to tap the screen and move the character in the forward direction. Moving will set you into the air, and if you are not agile, you might fall to your death.

However, that is what the hooks are for. With your hooks, you swing higher and clamp some screws or points hanging at certain wall parts. You continue to attach to the different screws at accurate intervals as you move. A single mismatch or miscalculation can cause you to fall to your death, so you have to take extra care to accurately mark and clamp your hook to the points on the wall.

The game makes provisions for some saving graces before a final fall. As you hit the ground, if you do, you keep lowering until you reach a point where one more single fall will automatically lead to the end of that level for you.

For every swing from one point to another, your rope will elongate or shorten depending on the intensity of your swing. You should consider this concept seriously when calculating your jumps so as not to fall short or overpass your targeted mark.

The controls of Stickman Hook are remarkably friendly and easy to get a hold of. With a few taps here and there, you will quickly understand how the game works. Tapping the screen is the only movement needed to make to swing your stickman continuously until you get to the finish point. You also have to move your fingers to increase or decrease the intensity of your push or swing.

Stickman Hook has over 100 levels for you to enjoy. While the gameplay of each of these levels does not exactly differ, there are differences in the background colour and theme and the length required to race to reach the finish line. As you advance, the finish line gets farther and farther, the spaces between the screws get wider, and the difficulty level generally increases, although little by little.

Customize Your Character

The character in Stickman Hook is essentially the stickman, as the name implies. However, this does not mean you are stuck with a boring-looking stickman for the whole game. The stickman can be customised to look many different ways with the different funny skins and costumes available. There's no telling what to expect next as all the skins are so different from one another, and all in different colours too. You could decide to wear a rabbit skin, that of a weird superhero, a flying angel, a cactus, an octopus, or even a hamburger. As you can see, the skins are all very diverse to appeal to your sense o humour and add a dash of fun and beauty to the game.

Other Features in Stickman Hook

- Free to Play. Stickman Hook is completely free to play and only requires an internet connection to download and begin to enjoy at any place and time.

- Online and Offline Modes. Stickman Mode can be played online but can also be equally enjoyed without a connection to the internet.

- Compete on The Leaderboard. When playing Stickman Hook online, you can see other players of the game around you and their high scores. You can compete to beat their high scores and move up the leaderboard to become a Stickman Hook legend.

- Offers Single Player Mode

- Has No Age Barriers

- Universally Available

- Clear and Concise 2D Graphics

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Stickman Hook is a wonderful game and an awesome pick, especially if you want a quality way to pass the time. Immerse yourself in the addictive gameplay and test your patience, calculative skills, and wit. Stickman Hook will keep you invested for as long as you desire with a simple-to-understand interface, colorful graphics, and smooth gameplay.