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Dinosaur Sniper

Rating: 6.5 (99 vote)
Developer: Blue Birds Games Studio
Updated: 2022-12-07
Category: Arcade

Description: Play Dinosaur Sniper here and have fun diving into the past to hunt different extinct species. Take aim and fire at different dinosaurs in this shooting game.

Dinosaur Sniping: Hunting Down Dinosaurs

Online gaming is one of the few activities today that cures boredom and serves as an extra activity when people have absolutely nothing to do. There are different online games that all have unique gameplay and concepts, and this game, in particular, is about using different guns to take out dinosaurs.

The Dinosaur Sniping game is a first person shooter online game where players are taken to the distant past in a location filled with different dinosaurs, and their main task is to hunt and kill as many as possible. Players are given a sniper rifle and scope and are meant to take out as many as possible. The dinosaurs will keep appearing, so you always have something to aim at. The gameplay has caught the interest of many gamers globally, and it has become a very popular game, come online and find this excellent game at IziGames and many more.

This game was released on the 29th of August, 2019, and Glad Games developed and offered it. They are well known for releasing other exciting games, but the Dinosaur Sniping online game has to remain one of the best they have made. One thing to note about this game is that since there is the use of guns, blood, and violent scenes, it is not a game that children can play. Only teenagers and above can play this game, and children shouldn’t be allowed without parental guidance.

If you love dinosaurs and you adore first shooter games, then this is the perfect game for you to engage yourself in. There are different levels to engage yourself in, and while playing, you can never get bored. Start playing this game today, and have a fantastic time.

Game Features on Dinosaur Sniping Games

This game is rich with different cool features. Some of them include the following:

Multiple Dinosaurs:

This game features a wide range of different dinosaur species, each with unique features and characteristics. They come in different body sizes and area types. Some of them are known for being on the land, while some are good in the air and the rest in the water. Some of the dinosaurs included in this game are T. rex, allosaurus, velociraptor, and many more exciting dinosaurs. If you love these extinct species, explore, hunt, and shoot as many as possible in this game.

Quality Visuals:

This is one thing that people should look out for because this is the best part of this game. All the animations, graphics, and designs in this game are in a three-dimensional view and a fantastic well-drawn environment. The look of this game is impressive, and players will adore it. From the view of the dinosaurs to the fantastic bullet animations in each shot, the overall design is something to applaud.

Easy Game Controls:

The mechanics of this game aren’t complex at all, and players will never have any issues understanding how to play this game, as all that is needed to play this game is just the use of your mouse and other keys on the computer. It may take a few rounds to get completely comfortable, but once you keep playing, you will get used to it.

Different Guns:

An exciting thing about this game is that there are multiple guns available for people to use, and they can all be explored and used to hunt down these creatures. As you progress in the game, you will find different weapons, and to make your gaming experience more enjoyable, it is advised that people try to make use of all of them at least once. Use these heavy ammunitions and take out as many fierce dinosaurs as possible.

Multiple Levels and Missions:

Players will never run out of fun as there are different levels and multiple missions to participate in that will keep you engaged always. The levels start easy, but as you keep playing, you will notice how much more complicated it gets and how much effort you will need to put in to play better. Completing different missions also earns players currency that they can use to make additional purchases and unlock new upgrades.

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How to Play Dinosaur Sniping Better

Here are some tips and tricks that will make you play this game better and give you a better experience

First, players should complete as many levels and missions as possible because they will be rewarded with bonuses such as cash and other upgrades.

Also, it is essential that you practice your aim and handling well before playing more complex levels. This makes playing the game more accessible as you can hit the target better.

Players should also look out for using heavy snipers. The use of zoom will make it easier to target dinosaurs and hit them in more sensitive spots on their bodies.

Final Verdict

Dinosaur Sniping is one of the best games you can play if you are a fan of first shooter games and love dinosaurs. Use different guns to hunt and take down as many as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions about Dinosaur Sniper

Can Dinosaur Sniper be downloaded +

Yes, the game can be downloaded on your mobile device.

How to Unlock all guns? +

All of the guns can be unlocked as you finish all the levels and progress in the game.

Is it possible to kill a T.Rex by shooting it in the eye? +

Yes, a shot to the eye is fatal and will instantly kill it.