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Fall Guys

Rating: 8.1 (73 vote)
Developer: Mediatonic
Updated: 2023-01-06
Category: Arcade
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Description: Play the Fall guys game online on to enjoy a smooth gaming experience. There is no need to download the game. Enjoy the multiplayer feature and the gaming experience.

In-depth Description of Fall Guys

Do you enjoy playing multiplayer games? Or do you enjoy the popular game? This is another excellent option for you. Fall guys is a free online multiplayer game. It is cross-platform, and you can play on various gaming devices.

You will engage in a racing competition with 60 online players, and your aim is to reach the finish line. In the game, you will control some jelly creatures and engage in mini-games like running on obstacles.

The fall guys' game is free to play. Mediatonic developed the game, which Devolver Digital published in 2020. Ever since its launch, it has become popular. Players worldwide enjoy playing the game. Join other players online to play this game. Check out some exciting features you will enjoy in the game.

Exciting Features to Look out for in Fall Guys

Below are some exciting features of the Fall Guys game;

Simple and clean interface

One interesting feature that gets players' attention worldwide is the simple layout of fall guys online free game. The game interface is so well designed that it draws attention at first sight.

The layout is beautiful, and it provides a smooth gaming experience for all players. You can join players online to explore the simple interface of this game.

Beautiful characters

Fall Guys game features beautiful and different characters that you can choose from when you open the game. The game characters are well-designed and eye-catching, drawing your attention to play more. Explore this game on IziGames to enjoy a seamlessly smooth game experience.

Customization Feature

This is an amazing feature to explore in this game. When you open the game, you can choose characters to play with. Besides that, you can customize the look with different costumes, colours, names and patterns.

There are different colours in fall guys online multiplayer game to select from while customizing your character. Usually, you can use pink unicorns or dinosaurs. However, with this feature, you can select several colours.

Also, there are different costumes to use in this game. Some look like alien costumes, some octopus, some like anime, etc. Basically, you will enjoy exploring the different outfits in this game.

Enjoy playing with friends

You can't get bored playing this game as you can play with friends online. There are over 60 players online that can play online. Therefore, you are not alone and won't be bored. Amidst the 60 players, your familiar friends can be there.

Unique gameplay

Fall guys feature competitive and cooperative gameplay. In the competitive case, you will race against 59 other players. You must strive to be part of the top 3 finishers to win, as this is the major aim of the game.

On the other hand, you can take up the task with other friends. But you should ensure the two of you end at the finish line, as it will give you more points.

More Games like Fall Guys

Fall guys online is an exciting battle royale game. There are several games similar to fall guys online that you can try out. Below are Fall Guys Alternatives to explore;

  • Fall Dudes 3D
  • Gang Beasts
  • Fall Beans
  • Stumble Guys
  • Pico Park
  • Human: Fall flat
  • Crossy road castle
  • Among us
  • Rubber Bandits

These are multiplayer battle royale games to play online, and they are all similar to the Fall Guys game.

How to Play Fall Guys Online

Playing the Fall guys game is easy if you know the basic controls to move in the character. However, you can easily play fall guys when you master your movement.

To play fall guys, you must familiarize yourself with the movement controls. This way, you will know the right thing to do at the appropriate time. The basic movement you should know is jumping, diving and grabbing.

The movement control differs depending on the device you are playing the game on. Below are some controls on the popular device;

PS4 or PS5

  • X - jump
  • Left Analog Stick - move while playing
  • Right Analog Stick - Move the camera
  • Square - Dive in the air
  • D-pad - Emote
  • L2 - Display player name
  • R2 - Grab

Xbox Series

  • A - Jump
  • Left Analog Stick - move while playing
  • Right Analog Stick - Move the camera
  • X - Dive in the air
  • D-pad - Emote
  • LT - Display player name
  • RT - Grab


  • Space bar - Jump
  • WASD - move while playing
  • Mouse - Move the camera
  • Control key - Dive in the air
  • 1,2,3,4 - Emote
  • Tab - Display player name
  • Shift key - Grab

These are the ways you can control your movement on the following controller. When you familiarize yourself with this, playing fall guys online is easy and fun.

Final Thoughts

If you love playing the likes of game, stumble guys, etc. Fall guys is another interesting game with several features to explore its gameplay. Play Fall guys with your friends on IziGames and enjoy a smooth gaming experience.



Can you play Fall guys on Mobile? +

Though fall guys is a popular game, there is no mobile play for fall guys. However, you can play online with friends.

Is fall guys online multiplayer? +

Yes, it is a multiplayer game. The most recent way to play fall guys online is multiplayer. It is a free game where you and other players compete in rounds of hurdles until one person wins the round.

Can you play fall guys online with friends? +

Yes, you can explore the several features of fall guys online with your friends or compete with the AI. It is fun and exciting to play online. You will enjoy all the various features it offers.

Can I play fall guys offline? +

Fall guys online game, from the name, implies an online game. You must be online to play, as fall guys are not available in offline mode with the AI or other players.