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Dino Swords

Rating: 7.6 (25 vote)
Developer: Dino Swords GG
Updated: 2023-02-24
Category: Arcade

Description: Play Dino swords unblocked and have fun playing this endless runner game. In this game, you keep running while you locate different weapons.

Dino Swords: A Classic Runner Game

If you’re looking for a classic but fun game to play, then this is definitely one that you should look at, as there is so much for you to have, and it’s a game that you’ll never get bored playing.

Dino Swords is an endless runner and an arcade game where you play the role of a dinosaur constantly advancing, and on your way, you’re picking up different weapons, and the farther you go, the higher your score gets. Have fun playing this exciting game here at IziGames.

It is a game that has been made accessible by developers, and everyone can enjoy playing this game. There are no age limits or rules, so that everyone can play this game. MSCHF and 100 Thieves made the game, which was released in august 2020. It is a PC game, and it has straightforward controls.

One of the best ways to keep yourself entertained always is by playing with Dino’s swords. It is one of the most exciting arcade games, and with its simple gameplay, you’ll enjoy it.

Exciting Game Features on The Dino Swords Game

This game is filled with different exciting features. Some of them include the following:

Locate Different Weapons:

In this game, your main task, besides continuous running, is to find as many weapons as possible. There are 26 different weapons in this game, and you’ll come across them as you progress.

High score and Leaderboards:

This is an arcade game, and there are always recording your high scores and adding them to the leaderboards. The global leaderboard shows the best players, so you should try your hardest to be amongst them.

The highest Score Every Week Wins a Prize:

One of the most exciting things about this game is that after every week, the person with the highest score wins an award. It makes the game more competitive and exciting to play.

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Dino Swords Tips and Tricks

  1. Always try your hardest to have the highest in the week to get different rewards.
  2. Make sure you locate as many weapons as possible if it increases your score.
  3. As you’re running by, having a weapon will help you cut down any obstacle in your way

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One of the best and most fun PC games that you can play is Dino swords. It’s exciting and has straightforward gameplay that you can enjoy.


Frequently Asked Questions about Dino Swords Unblocked

How many weapons are in this game? +

There are 26 weapons that players can locate and unlock in this game.

When does the game end? +

It is an endless runner game, and it doesn’t end. You keep on breaking your high score.

When was Dino swords made? +

It was made in August 2020 by MSCHF and 100 swords.