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Updated: 2022-10-31
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Description: Play online Uno against your buddies or family online from anywhere in the world. This is an awesome classic game at the tip of your fingers. Free on IziGames.Net

About Uno

Your favorite card game is now mobile! You can now enjoy this classic game from your kitchen table to your mobile phone. Exciting!?

The game has new rules, play modes, a series of world tournaments, and much more. So regardless of where you are or whether you are a master or a newbie, UNO got everyone covered. It is fun and suitable for family card games whenever and wherever.

How To Play UNO Game

  • You can play the game or pick from a series of house rules to enjoy in real matches.
  • Finish the game competitions and events to stand a chance to get free rewards to increase the leaderboards
  • Collaborate with family or friends by playing in the 2v2 method and work together to win
  • Connect anywhere, anytime with friends and family from all over the world.

Features Of UNO Game

Are you new to this awesome game? Or do you want to enjoy your favorite card game on mobile? Then, click on Quick Play and begin a new game using the unique rules. Prepare for new rewards and events monthly.

Play With Friends

Play with family or friends! Design your own rules in the house and play as you like. This is a family-friendly game that is free and simple.

Collaborate With Friends

Find a family or friends and link up to fight in two-player teams. Assist each other to lower your partner's hand or your hand to zero, do this as fast as possible so that you can defeat your opponent's team.

Engage, Chat, And About Scream Uno

Engage with your friends in UNO!™ with leagues and send gifts to each other. Create a strategy, and don't forget to shout UNO first.

New Obstacles At Every Level

Fight in a series of world tournaments and unique events to get free rewards. Then, increase your leaderboards and flaunt your victory to your family and friends. Afterward, take a fortune test by spinning the wheel to receive free daily bonuses.

Go Wild

There is a goofy feature in UNO: no-hold-blocked mode. Ignore the other modes, such as two-level play, house rules, and free winnings, that are more than 600 times the effort you put in to become the coin master! However, beware, in the UNO game, you either win big or get nothing. Are you capable of this challenge?

How To Play

Did you know you can become the best at the UNO game and elevate your chances of winning?

If you're a "pro" at playing UNO, you may be looking for ways to become a winner. Remember, you don't have to take pity on your grandparents or the kids when playing the UNO game. Instead, take your time to master the features of becoming the best UNO player and take the champion's badge amongst your family or social circle.

You need to use the right cards and strategy options to win in the UNO game. The strategies below will increase your chances of winning. However, you don't expect to win at all times, as luck sometimes plays a role in the UNO game, but with these few tips, you can win more.

Quickly get over-matched numbers

You should strive to quickly eliminate numbers in your hand that aligns, and this means that if you have a red 4, a yellow 4, and a green 4, take away two of them at once. This means your game has good numbers to play with rather than repetitive cards.

Keep The Wild Cards Until Later

Playing with the Wild Card at an early stage seems fun because it exhausts your opponent; however, it can cause you to lose the game. Hold your Wild card for longer until the last card is played, and then play with the wild card only.

Another alternative option regarding your Wild card, is that you should use it if everyone is winning and you aren't. That means you are using the wild card to get ahead and improve your winning odds...

Avoid Making Use Of The Reversal Card At The Improper Time

Some players have made mistakes by allowing the players before them to drop a regular Wild card; in this case, their opponent has just a single card left. So the player dropped a reverse card. The result is that the previous player won the game automatically. You could learn from this.

Play A Lot Of Similar Color Of Cards First

Play with a specific card color at first to get rid of your in-game cards fast. This will spur you further to win quickly. Another awesome strategy to utilize with similar color cards is selecting uniform color cards that you already have to deter your subsequent player from getting a chance and then playing them first. You will use your skip card, draw two cards, or reverse card. This will certainly upset the subsequent player but will improve your odds of winning.

Always Modify The Color While Playing A Wild Card +4

Bear in mind that your opponents have their strategies for winning. They are paying attention to all our moves and aiming to guess the type of cards or color of cards remaining in their hand. If you need to use the Wildcard +4 while maintaining the same color, you will be providing answers to all the other players' curious questions, "what color or type of card does he/she have in hand?"

You can use strategies and modify the color of your cards so that other players will change this color again to rattle your win, therefore securing your win.


The UNO game is super fun and relatable. This is the best game now on a mobile app, plus it has amazing features that require deep intuition. In addition, the UNO game is free and easy to download. So head over to the Playstore and explore.