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Scuffed UNO

Rating: 6.9 (26 vote)
Developer: Scuffed Uno DEV
Updated: 2023-02-07
Category: Puzzle

Description: Play Stuff UNO unblocked if you loved the original UNO game. Play against bots or other players in an online multiplayer match up and enjoy the gameplay.

Scuffed UNO Unblocked: The Online Card Game

The UNO game has always been a fantastic game that people grew up with, it’s a classic board game, and the game is won when the player reaches 500 points.

Scuffed UNO is an online desktop game that allows users to relive the entire UNO game experience, but this time online.

You can enjoy playing this game against other players in the multiplayer mode or play against other bots in the single-player game mode.

If you want to play this game, you are given a chance to play this game for free here at IziGames. FredDZN made this game, and it was released in February 2021. The game follows the same rules as the original UNO game, and you use the mouse to select cards.

If you want to relive the joy and thrill of playing UNO, then come online and play Scuffed UNO. It is a fantastic game, and you will love playing it with your friends.

Unique Game Features on Scuffed UNO Online

There are fantastic game features in this game. They include the following:

Multiplayer Game Mode:

You can enjoy playing this game with your friends and family as there is a multiplayer mode where you can connect with other people. If you’re looking for more fun, play with a friend.

Simple Controls:

Since it is a desktop game, players make use of the mouse to play the game. It is straightforward, and all you have to do is select cards.


The graphics in this game are beautiful. With the use of multiple bright colors, the developers were able to make a beautiful digital remake of the popular game. It also has excellent sounds.

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Scuffed UNO IziGames Tips and Tricks

  1. Make sure you change the card's color when playing a wild card +4.
  2. Always avoid using the reverse card at the wrong time.
  3. Never have matching cards in your hand. Get rid of them as soon as possible.

Final Review

Scuffed UNO is a fantastic remake of the original board game, UNO, and it is one you’ll love to play with your friends.


Frequently Asked Questions about Scuffed UNO Unblocked

What are the best cards on Scuffed UNO? +

The wild cards are the best on scuffed UNO, and the reverse card is handy.

How do you win Scuffed UNO? +

You have to reach 500 points to win a game of scuffed UNO.

How do you play? +

You use the mouse to select a different card and play the one you want.