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Infinite Mario

Rating: 7.4 (77 vote)
Developer: Infinite Mario DEV
Updated: 2023-03-17
Category: Arcade

Description: Play Infinite Mario Unblocked if you love Super Mario and its adventures. Find new locations in the mushroom kingdom, enjoy the gameplay and save princess peach.

Infinite Mario Unblocked: Saving Princess Peach

Lovers of the Super Mario franchise will love this spinoff of the popular game series as your favorite Italian superhero is back in this exciting game. Following a similar story from other Mario games, you must avoid obstacles, eat mushrooms and save the princess from terror.

It Is a free online game that can be played at IziGames, and if you’re familiar with the Mario bros game series, then you will be familiar with the gameplay and concept of this one.

Super Mario games are one of the classic games that gamers fell in love with worldwide, and it has a large fanbase. Your main objective in this game is to locate new locations in the kingdom of mushrooms, break the question mark and destroy all your enemies.

Notch gaming company developed and designed this game, which was released on the 9th of January, 2018. It has simple controls, and you can easily understand how to play this game well.

Remain excited as you play this original Super Mario game. It has the same thrill and excitement as other games under the franchise, so you are guaranteed fun.

Unique Game Features on Infinite Mario Unblocked

This game is rich with different exciting features. They include some of the following:

Koopa Troopas:

Watch out for the dangerous koopa troopas. They are foot soldiers that are looking to stop you from getting to the princess. There are different ways you can take them out, but they also cause damage, so you should be wary.

Mushroom Power-ups:

Different power-ups in this game can give you a boost when playing. You can use these mushrooms for other powers, such as getting bigger, faster, or invincible.

Cute Graphics:

This game has beautiful calm animations and artwork that will appeal to users. It has a classic olden-day arcade feel and an excellent soundtrack.

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Infinite Mario Unblocked Online Tips and Tricks

  1. Make use of the mushrooms to get different power-ups so you’ll be able to have an advantage.
  2. When foot soldiers come your way, the best way to avoid them is by jumping over them.
  3. Ensure you collect as many coins as possible to purchase different items.

Gameplay Videos

Save the Princess!

Get to the Princess on time and save her from the clutches of Bowser. Infinite Mario Unblocked is a unique classic super Mario game you’ll enjoy playing.


Frequently Asked Questions about Infinite Mario Unblocked

Who kidnapped the princess? +

The evil demon king Bowser kidnaps the princess, and it’s your job to save her.

How do you lose on Infinite Mario Unblocked? +

You lose on this game when your life is completely depleted.

Can you attack the foot soldiers? +

Attacks can be performed when you jump on the foot soldiers and hit their heads.