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Sausage Flip

Rating: 8.3 (71 vote)
Developer: Madbox
Updated: 2023-01-09
Category: Arcade

Description: Enjoy this interesting popular arcade game - Sausage Flip Unblocked, with your friends and share with loved ones. It has easy controls and gameplay you will enjoy.

Description of Sausage Flip

Do you enjoy playing arcade games? Or do you want the simple gameplay and controls of arcade games, and you will love to explore one with a simple layout? Sausage Flip online is a game to try out. This is a popular arcade game by madbox.

In this game, there is a sausage to throw, a finish line, and obstacles that might obstruct the sausage from the finish line. Your goal as the player is to flip the sausage to the finish line and move to the next level. As you move on with the levels, it gets challenging. Read further for more insight into this game.

Features of Sausage Flip

Check out some exciting features of Sausage Flip below;

Beautiful layout

Sausage Flip has a nice layout that attracts gamers. The design, sausage, finish line, and other obstacles are in beautiful colors. This has stimulated many gamers to play the game.

Simple Controls

Playing Sausage Flip online is easy, and this is because of its simple controls. All you need to do is aim for the sausage and release it to the finish line to move to the next level.

Diverse Skins

There are many sausage colors to pick from in the game. You can change to any color different from the default color.

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How to Play Sausage Flip

Sausage Flip is an easy arcade game; it constitutes simple controls and uncomplicated gaming features and gameplay. Are you trying to play Sausage Flip online, and you find it difficult? Below are ways to play Sausage Flip;

  • Visit for a great gaming experience
  • After which you click on the play icon
  • The game starts immediately. If you are playing on your PC, hold the sausage with the left mouse button, aim and release it to shoot at your target.
  • Ensure you aim the sausage very well to hit the right target
  • If you are playing on your mobile device, hold on to the sausage with your hands and release it to shoot at the target.
  • This is a simple way to go about playing Sausage Flip. Go through this guide to play Sausage Flip and get a high score.

We hope you found this helpful. Share this with friends or family who find Sausage Flip challenging to play.



Where can I play Sausage Flip for free? +

You can play Sausage Flip Online for free on On this platform, you will enjoy your gaming experience on full screen.

How do I score high on Sausage Flip? +

To score higher on Sausage Flip or clear a level to the next level, you must flip the sausage to the finish line avoiding all obstacles as it can stick to any object.

Can I play Sausage Flip on my mobile device? +

Yes, you can play Sausage Flip on your mobile device and PC. All you need to do is visit