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Text Twist

Rating: 9.3 (15 vote)
Developer: GameHouse
Updated: 2022-11-29
Category: Casual

Description: Play Text Twist Online and have fun testing your vocabulary. Create as many words as you can before your time is out. Each word must be valid to score a point as you play.

Introduction to Text Twist Online

Do you love playing around with words? Or do you love the regular scramble game but on your desktop or laptop? Text Twist online is an excellent fit for that. This is a fun game that combines creating simple and tricky words. The main purpose is for the words to be valid.

Text Twist online free game is available for anyone worldwide; you can explore many words with the letters you are given. Play text twist online and see the many features you will explore. There is a platform where you can get words in the Text Twist called the Text Twist Finder. This platform is effective in helping you find words with the letters you are given.

The platform will give you a higher chance to win the game. Gamehouse developed and published this game, and since its launch, it has attracted players online. Join players online to explore this classic word game.

On our website, you can enjoy free Text Twist Online no download or app. Just explore the game online. Check out some interesting features of the Text Twist game.

Features to Look out for in Text Twist

Below are some interesting features of the Text Twist game;

Simple interface

One of the many features of Text Twist is the simple interface. Anyone can play this game conveniently with its accessible features. Join other players online to explore this game.

Interesting Gameplay

The concept of creating words from letters is fun. Players will get familiar with many English words. Text Twist also gives players a puzzling experience. It is an excellent game to pass the time and get familiar with words.

Intuitive Keyboard Controls

The simple controls of this game are one of the best things about this game. You can play with your mouse or your keyboard. When you use the keyboard, the spacebar is used to shuffle, that is, twist the letters; Enter is to submit the words you have typed; Backspace is to delete the last letter you entered; and Tab is to delete all letters entered. This is quite easy.

Increased Game Challenge

Text Twist game gets challenging as you move to the next round giving you an increased game experience to improve your vocabulary.

Correct Vocabulary words

All words in the Text Twist answer are correct English words and vocabulary. Therefore, you must ensure the words you create are correct to score a higher point.

Similar Games to Text Twist Online Game

Do you love the Classic Text Twist Gameplay, and you will love to explore more games similar to it? Below are recommended games to play similar to the Text Twist game;

  • Word wipe
  • Crossword Connect
  • Drawize
  • Text twist untimed
  • Word Legend puzzle
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  • Word Drop

These games help improve your English literacy and vocabulary. You could explore each one of them

How to Play Text Twist Unscrambler Game

It is easy to play Text Twist online. However, if you are finding it hard to play the game, follow the following process to play easily;

  • Visit to open the text twist online free game
  • Click on the play icon on the game interface
  • You only have 2 minutes to play the game; each valid word must be at least 3 letters long
  • Take note of the alphabet provided in each block to fill and come up with some words between the time frame
  • To move to the next round, find a word that uses all the letters you are given. This way, your score increases.
  • Use the Twist feature to shuffle the letters for a new perspective of the word
  • Create words within the 2-minute time game to score higher.

You can use the text twist finder to get words as fast as possible.


Are you interested in building your vocabulary or playing around with words? Text Twist game is an excellent option to explore. Check out IziGames for more similar games.



How do I win the Text Twist game? +

Winning the game is easy. All you need is to curate as many valid English words with the letter you are given. Most importantly, create a word with all the letters provided included. This gives you a higher score.

What texting games to play with your Friend? +

There are several Texting games similar to Text Twist that you can play with friends or your crush, as the case may be. Some are Text Twist Untimed, Scramble words, Word wipe, crossword connect, etc.

How to play text Twist? +

Text Twist is a solver game. Each round takes 2 minutes in which you have to create valid words with the provided 6 letters. The words you create vary in length. Nonetheless, a word must contain all 6 letters.

Is the text twist game online free? +

The Text Twist game is entirely free to play for players online. You only need to visit IziGames and explore the game with its intuitive controls and interesting gameplay.