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Drift Boss

Rating: 5.6 (34 vote)
Developer: The boker
Updated: 2022-10-24
Category: Driving

Description: Play online Drift Boss Unblocked to show your drifting skills along twists and twists and turns. Earn points as you drive through an endless road full of curves to get on top.

About Drift Boss

Drift Boss is an exciting drifting game that takes you along a zigzag road. It will test your driving skills in this game as you navigate narrow and winding roads with your vehicle. Although the game is like every other drift and driving game, Drift Boss has some pretty impressive features that set it apart from similar games.

The whole gameplay is based on vehicle drifts. So, the game levels are pretty difficult, especially if you've never played a drift game. The basic task is to ensure the vehicle doesn't skip off the track or tumble over the edges when you drive. The more impressive your driving skill, the easier it is to get points and move to the next level.

The game has nice graphics and visuals too. Although the graphics might seem basic, it still details important aspects of the game. For example, you'll be able to discern the road and the vehicle when playing. The game background is also plainly colored, but the color does change from game to game. The more game you play, the higher the difficulty level increases.

The game was developed and released by MarketJS on November 29, 2019. It has gained much popularity thanks to its simple but immersive gameplay. You can enjoy this game on multiple devices. It works without Flash on your desktop and laptops. It's also available on tablets, PCs, and mobile devices users. The game is free to play, so you don't have to make purchases before and while playing.

How to Play Drift Boss

As mentioned earlier, this game is pretty easy to play. You'll find your way around the game when you master the control system. Unfortunately, the game starts at the mouth of the track, so you'll have to control the vehicle to continue moving on this windy road without falling or losing your balance.

When playing with your mouse, you'll be able to use the mouse buttons to turn left or right. For example, to go right, press the letter mouse button; the vehicle goes left when you release the button. For keyboard users, press the space bar and release to the right or left. The process might seem simple, but the windy road and the squealing tires make the job more challenging than you probably anticipated.

You can collect multiple coins while playing too. The coins can help you unlock many cartoon cars. The funny vehicles also add to the game's addictive features. You'll be able to gather picture cards that you can use to upgrade the vehicles in the card minigame. The game's difficulty increases by increasing the number of zigzags you encounter on the road.

Game Features

Drift Boss is a perfect combination of driving and drifting. You'll get an amount of driving while spending the rest of the time drifting across the tricky roads. Check out some of the unique game features below:


The game has impressive graphics quality. The 3D design is perfect for a simplistic game. The background is plain, but the color does change from game to game. In a realistic outlook, the designers created a beautiful 3D tile as the driving road. The tiles are also customized with multiple colors, which makes the game environment more appealing. The areas around the tiles are off-bound, so when the vehicles tilt there, the game is over for the player.


Like every of their game, you'll also get some impressive rewards when you win here. The major rewards are divided into two; Daily and Spin to Win. The daily reward will renew every day, so you can claim every day you open the game and play. The spin-to-win reward is a random prize you can get at any time. It is triggered randomly, and it can contain boosters or coins. You'll also be able to get the game coins when you play well. This is the in-game currency and can be used for many things.


The game boosters are important elements in the game that make the gameplay simpler and more enjoyable. You'll be able to do some extraordinary things when you use them. For example, the Double Score booster helps you get your score two times when you finish a game. The booster costs 25 coins, so when you use it in a game, you'll be able to get 100 scores of your total score was 50 at the end of the game. Other game boosters include the Car Insurance, which gives you two tries if you lose while playing (it costs 50 coins). There is also a Coins Rushe booster which attracts all coins on the track even if you don't collect them (costs 75 coins).


The game control system is simple but can take a while to master. It comprises pressing and releasing one button. Since there isn't much action to cover in the game, you'll need to drift well across the zigzags. You can therefore use the right and left buttons to do this. In addition, you can use the mouse button or keyboard to switch positions PC users. For example, press and hold the button to turn right. You can also use your touchscreen (on-screen buttons) to control the vehicle on your smartphone.


Although this is not a classic race game where you can drive the latest and fancy cars, you'll still get to change what your vehicle looks like while playing. You can choose from many vehicle skins; each has different looks when you play. So you won't get bored staring at the same vehicle all through the games, but you can purchase vehicles and add some variety to the mice in the game store.

Advantages of Playing Drift Boss Unblocked

Playing Drift Boss unblocked on IziGames.Net offers several advantages:

  1. Accessible Anywhere: With IziGames.Net, you can access Drift Boss from any location with an internet connection. Whether you're at home, school, or on the go, you can indulge in thrilling drifting action without any restrictions.
  2. No Restrictions: IziGames.Net bypasses any restrictions or blocks that may be in place, allowing you to play Drift Boss freely. Say goodbye to network filters, firewalls, or other barriers that hinder your access to the game.
  3. Wide Variety of Tracks: Drift Boss offers a range of tracks with different difficulties and challenges. IziGames.Net ensures that you have access to all the available tracks, allowing you to test your drifting skills on various courses.
  4. Compete for High Scores: Drift Boss is not just about showcasing your drifting prowess but also competing for high scores. On IziGames.Net, you can compare your scores with other players, motivating you to improve and dominate the leaderboards.
  5. No Downloads or Installations: Playing Drift Boss on IziGames.Net eliminates the need for downloads or installations. You can simply launch the game in your browser and start drifting right away, saving you time and storage space.

Gameplay Videos

As the game implies, Drift Boss wants to make a boss out of every drift gamer. The game has a simple interface and a basic mission for all players. The longer you survive, the better you enjoy the game as the roads get more difficult, and your skills improve as you play more levels.