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Dig Dig io

Rating: 8.8 (26 vote)
Developer: Matheus Valadares
Updated: 2022-12-15
Category: Io Games

Description: Do you love survival games with their unique gameplay? DigDig io is a game to play and explore surviving through ores in the game. In DigDig io, you have to win over your foes.

About DigDig io

Do you love the unique feel of survival games? And you love playing games online? DigDig io is an interesting game to try out. It is an online survival game where you have to dig into growing, and when you grow bigger.

As the player, your aim is to grow bigger and take on other players. There are several ores in the game which you dig to grow on and gain XP. You can't get bored playing this game with its game modes.

Matheus Valadares developed this game and published it in July 2021. Ever since then, people have gotten addicted to the game. Explore this game with friends online on IziGames and enjoy its features.

Unique Features of DigDig io

Below are some interesting features to look out for in this game;

Diverse Game Mode

One of the many interesting features of DigDig io is the diverse game mode you can change while playing; this way, you won't get bored and will engage in playing with friends. Below are some game modes you can switch to while playing DigDig io;

TAG - players will hide and seek in this game mode.

Maze - players are confined in a maze.

FFA - each player or diggers to themselves.

Battle Royale - the real survival game mode. Be the last digger standing here.

TDM - team up with players online or with friends.

Simple controls

DigDig io features easy-to-use game controls, and the controls are not complex; they include; using your mouse to move around, holding the left button on the mouse to accelerate, and the right button to brake. These controls are intuitive; hence you must be careful while using them.

Great user interface

Players will enjoy their gaming experience with a great user interface which the game features. It is easy to use and navigate through its settings and features.

Easy and free to play

DigDig io is free to play, and you don't have to pay to play online on desktop and mobile. In addition, it is easy to play.

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How to play DigDig io

DigDig io is an easy survival game making it easy to play for anyone. Playing DigDig io online is straightforward; take the following steps to play the game;

  • Login to the website you want to play. You can visit at IziGames for a great gaming experience;
  • Click on the play icon. Now you can start exploring the game;
  • Move around the environment to collect water and start growing ( there are some other materials to grow faster in the game, explore these materials in the game interface);
  • While playing, avoid lava as it can affect your growth;
  • If you've done the above and you have grown big and tall, you can start hijacking other players' growth to add to your point. The more large and giant you become, the more you cause damage to other players.

Before taking on other players, check your armor and health level to avoid being taken on.



Why is not working on my phone? +

If you are experiencing some issues with digdig io not working on your phone, it could be an internal browser problem; that is, the browser does not support the game. To resolve this, try other browsers like firefox and others.

How does work? +

DigDig io is a simple game. The game works by playing on a circular map with other players, where you must grow bigger and larger by watering your growth, digging ores, and collecting other people's growth. You must be large before you take on other players.

What is +

DigDig io is an interesting survival and strategy game where you will dig into growing bigger and taking on other players.

How do I win +

To win while playing, you should focus on digging ores to get bigger and collect or take on other players' growth. However, you must avoid lava and being taken on while playing to win.

What are the ores in +

Wondering what ores are in the game? Well, they are the medium through which you dig to grow, and it is a way to gain XP while playing.