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Developer: mawika
Updated: 2022-12-28
Category: Io Games
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Description: Enjoy playing Copter io, a thrilling game, unblocked and available for free! Dive into the excitement now at IziGames.

About  Copter io - An Interesting Battle Royale

Do you love engaging in Battle games? Copter io is a fun free online game to explore. It involves using a chopper or helicopter to fight your enemies' drone, chopper, or building in space. Copter io features simple graphics with cool music that matches the gameplay. Fly around the game environs and battle other players.

Upgrade your skills and weapons to trounce your enemies and score a higher point over your opponent. Exodragon Games developed this game and released it in October 2019, and ever since then, gamers online have embraced its gameplay. Explore this game with your friends on IziGames.

Unique Features of Copter io online

Check out some interesting features of copter io when you play online;

Cool Graphics

Copter io features attractive graphics and has stimulated many players worldwide. Explore these simple graphics when you play copter io online.

Battle Royale Gameplay

This is a space battle royale game where you battle with players with helicopters or choppers. The gameplay is immersive and interesting.

Simple Controls

Copter io features intuitive and simple gaming controls. Every player worldwide will understand and know how to use these controls, as it is easy to use. To move, use the WASD controls or the arrow keys for movement. The left mouse button to shoot and the right mouse button or E to use and actuate the special abilities.

Multiplayer Game Mode

Enjoy playing copter io with friends online with the multiplayer gaming feature. This way, you won't get bored playing the game. Asides from the multiplayer game mode, you can select from the other game modes like FFA, 1v1, Team, Defuse, and E-FFA.

Great user interface

All Players will enjoy playing this game with the excellent user experience it offers players. Some players online have attested to this feature.

Earn Rewards

Players stand a chance to get medals when they hit a target score or aim in the game. Reach the milestone and earn medals as you play.

Upgrade your Weapons

Upgrade your weapons as you play to defeat your enemies faster. You can change your helicopter skin and upgrade the grenades, bullets, and other weapons in the game. You don't have to pay to do this.

Utilize the Special Abilities

Ensure you use the special in-game abilities to defeat your enemies faster, like grenades, bullets, choppers, teleports, laser beams, banana bombs, and more. These abilities will give you higher up over other players online.

Register online to save your gaming progress

Do you want to keep your game progressing while doing other things? Did a call come in while playing the game? Do not worry; you can easily have your progress by registering online on the copter io website.

Games like copter io

Do you want to try some exciting games with captivating gameplay like copter io? We have got you. Check out some recommended games that are similar to copter io game online, and it goes thus;

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These games have a spacious gaming experience; that is, things used and the game environment is like in space, similar to copter io games where you use helicopters to fight your opponent or enemies. Explore these games online on IziGames to enjoy your gaming experience.

How to Play Copter io Games

Copter io is easy to play, and you can easily understand the intuitive controls. To play copter io, your aim is to control your selected helicopter or chopper to destroy your enemies' space equipment like drones, tanks, choppers, and buildings. This will level up your game score.

While playing, you get the chance to upgrade your weapons and chopper, making it effective to destroy your enemies faster. Use the following controls to play the game and enjoy defeating your enemies while you avoid being defeated;

  • The WASD keys for movement
  • Arrow keys to move in the respective direction
  • Left mouse button or arrow up key shoot enemies
  • Right mouse button or E for special abilities like bullets, grenades, teleports, etc. Also, the middle scroll mouse button or X to activate special abilities.

These are simple ways to play the copter io game online.

How do you move in the Copter Royale game?

While playing Copter Royale, you move with simple, intuitive controls. The WASD controls for movement and arrow key move as well. The left mouse button to shoot and the right mouse button to use the special abilities.



Where can you play Copter Royale? +

You can play Copter io, also called Copter Royale, on or visit the official gaming website These are the recommended sites to play copter royale online, as you will enjoy your gaming experience with no disturbing ads.

Is the Copter io legit online game? +

Yes, the copter io online game is legit. There is no scam zone.

Can you play copter io against your friend? +

Copter io is a free online multiplayer game. Therefore, you can play with or against your friends online and defeat them with your tactics.