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Little Big Snake io

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Developer: Addicting Games Inc
Updated: 2023-01-09
Category: Io Games

Description: Play Little Big Snake io unblocked online and become the biggest snake on the map by eating all your enemies. Try to earn medals, and do not run into other players while at it.

Little Big Snake io – Introduction to this Fun and Cool Game

The Little Big Snake io online game is a fun process where players have to try to get their snake through the whole map without getting killed. The game is about developing slowly and finding ways to kill your opponents before you are killed. While playing Little Big Snake io, try not to run into other players as they can easily kill you. You can also try to earn medals and high scores while at it.

Little Big Snake io unblocked is a multiplayer arcade game with remarkable graphics that add to the gaming experience. If you are a fan of, then you will surely love this game as they are pretty similar. Although, Little Big Snake io is a much better option in terms of more exciting gameplay, which gives the already complex game some depth.

As written above, you need to become the biggest snake on the map. The only way you can do this is to eat everything you come across, but you need to make sure you do not run into enemy snakes, as they will kill you. On the VIP Little Big Snake io map, you will find numerous power-ups that will improve your snake’s abilities temporarily so as to make the game easier for you.

The number of coins you earn after every game in Little Big Snake depends on your position – it could be first, second, or any other position. You can use the coins you earn to purchase new skins for your character to make the game a lot more enjoyable. One great feature of this online game is that it has easy-to-use controls, so players will get the hang of it pretty quickly.

All you need to do is swipe your finger across your screen, and your snake will move in whatever direction you swiped. You can also tap the right side of your screen to get a speed boost in exchange for a bit of your snake. Little Big Snake is an interesting game with engaging gameplay, and if you are interested in joining in on the fun, you can start playing this here at Izigames.

Some Exciting Features of Little Big Snake io Game Unblocked

Little Big Snake Gameplay

Anyone who has played Snake before will find the gameplay of Little Big Snake io very familiar. In this game, your character is a snake, and your goal is to become bigger by eating other opponents and food in the arena. The food in this game is other opponents, ladybugs, and bright spots. Every time you eat something, your snake’s body will grow longer and larger, and you will get a score.

A Beautiful Collection of Snakes

Little Big Snake io is the perfect game for all snake lovers, as you will find a beautiful collection of snakes with different shapes and unique lighting effects. You will be able to purchase snakes in the shop, and they are divided into different categories, such as legendary, rare, and common.

Play With Friends

Playing alone can get boring sometimes, but luckily, Little Big Snake io has a multiplayer mode that allows you to play with friends. The game features a cooperative mode where everyone in the group can support and interact with each other and corner enemies while trying to eat them.

Games Similar to Little Big Snake io

If you are a snake game lover and looking for something similar to Little Big Snake, you can try out or Snake – a legendary classic arcade game. These games have identical gameplay; you can explore them here at There is a vast collection of games like these; you can check them out in the arcade category.

Little Big Snake io Tips to Enjoy the Game Better

Check out these tips and guidelines for a better Little Big Snake io gaming experience.

While playing the game, if an experienced player with a bigger snake tries to eliminate you, you should immediately chase their tail. This way, you will be able to fool them and use that opportunity to escape.

When it comes to food, you do not only need to focus on killing snakes to get more points. You should ensure to swallow every bug, slug, and egg you come across.

Your snake will always move in Little Big Snake io as it cannot be stopped. The one thing you need to learn how to do is to control your snake’s movement. Be fast when an opponent is slow, and be slow when an opponent is extremely fast.

Gameplay Videos


Anyone can play little Big Snake – all you need is a working device and a good internet connection. Join in on the fun and find out if you have what it takes to be the biggest snake on the map.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Little Big Snake io free? +

Yes, Little Big Snake io is free to play. It does not require any sign-up process.

Will I enjoy playing Little Big Snake io? +

Little Big Snake io has engaging gameplay that guarantees to keep players glued to their phones. Eat every food you come across, kill other opponents and become the biggest snake on the map.

How do you fool slugs in Little Big Snake io? +

In Little Big Snake io, slugs run when they think a snake is chasing them. So, you have to try to catch them with their eyes facing your head or sideways.