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Updated: 2023-01-06
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Description: Play Agariot online with friends - an engaging old simulation and competitive game on IziGames. Explore the game features and simple controls while playing.

About Agariot Game

Do you enjoy playing action games with friends? Will you love to explore such a game? Agariot is a perfect match, and it is also called agario or agar io. It is an online multiplayer action game where you enter as a small tiny circle and consume other small circles to become big.

As the player, while you are small, you must avoid getting eaten up by more giant blobs as that is game over. To avoid the bigger blobs, you can hide behind a virus; this will get the big blobs away while you continue your adventure of getting bigger.

You can play agariot on your mobile device and PC. Agariot online game was released in April 2015, and gamers embraced it with its simple control and game concept. Mattheus Valadares developed this game, and he was 19 years old when he developed this engaging game.

Check out some exciting features of this game, similar games, and how to play as you read this piece.

Features of Agariot Online Game

These are exciting features of Agariot online;

Simple Gaming Interface

Agariot HTML 5 game features a simple and clutter-free gaming interface making it easy for players to navigate through its gaming features and making the game attractive to play. You can't get tired of this game with its gaming interface. Explore Agariot online and enjoy playing online.

Diverse Game Mode

The developers of the Agariot game online considered players' experience while playing; hence they came up with different game modes players can engage in to avoid getting bored. There are four different game modes to play in on Agariot online, together with the battle royale game.

These game modes are fun and simple to play. Explore these game modes and enjoy playing Agariot online.

Multiplayer Gameplay

Agariot is an online multiplayer where players can connect or network. The multiplayer gameplay makes the game fun and attractive to play. Engage in this multiplayer game with your friends and see who wins.

In-game Chatting

There are chances for players to communicate with other players on the board as they play. This is the in-game chatting feature, and players worldwide can connect and discuss how to win while they play. The chatting feature makes Agariot online game engaging.

Customization Settings

Agariot io allows players to select a game name before playing the game. This way, you won't miss taking your blob for another player's blob. Also, you can choose a blob color to stand out.

In addition to this feature, players can change skin and mods in the game. This gives off a personalized gaming experience.

Similar Games to Agariot

Do you enjoy playing agariot online with its simple controls and gameplay? Are you willing to try out other exciting games similar to agario that you will enjoy? Here is the best bet for you. Below are games like agariot to play;

  • Super snake
  • Hole io
  • Snake Hunting Online io

You will find these games interesting to play. Most of them have similar themes and gameplay and they are worth playing.

How to Play Agariot Online

Playing Agariot online is simple and uncomplicated, making it easy for everyone to play. Take the following process to play agario online;

  • Visit the official gaming website io or;
  • Select or create a username;
  • After which, you will find yourself as a tiny color circle on a large board, and you can play on full screen for great gaming experience;
  • You will consume other tiny blobs to become bigger.
  • Avoid being eaten by bigger blobs by standing close to a virus, as it will prevent it from getting to you
  • If a big blob consumes you, that is a game over
  • Control your blob using the W key and Spacebar
  • The smaller you blob, the faster your movement; therefore, be careful enough and stay focused while playing.

These are easy steps to play and win agariot online.



Can Agariot be termed Multiplayer Game? +

Yes. Agariot online is an engaging massive multiplayer game; that is, there can be up to 10 people on a board playing the game, making it fun and competitive. Play agariot online with your friends on and enjoy your gaming experience.

Is Agario safe? +

The Agario game is safe and legit to play. Visit the official gaming website or play on These are our recommended sites to play this game.

Does Agariot online still work? +

Yes. Agario online is still up and running. Enjoy playing the game online with your friends.

Why is agario lagging? +

Agariot is not expected to lag. However, if you are experiencing agario lagging on your device, it could be because the internet server or the website is down. Turn off and on your mobile data to connect the game.