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Updated: 2023-01-28
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Description: Play Taming io and enjoy one of the most amazing io games out there. Have fun playing with magical pets and fighting the most exciting battles with them.

Taming io: The Survival Game!

Taming io is one of the most interesting io games that you can play today as it is a survival game where you fight against other players online, and what makes it very exciting is the fact that you are accompanied by magical pets that will fight with you, survive and play with you as long as you play. The game has a fantasy and action-filled theme, and if you love the thought of that, you can start playing this game here at free of charge.

The game starts at a slow pace where in the beginning, it’s just you and your pet, and you have to start gathering materials and resources to build structures and weapons that will aid your survival. It is the ultimate survival game, and you will love it.

GraceStudio developed this game, and it is constantly being upgraded. The taming io new update 4400 was recently released on the 31st of October, 2022, and the makers are constantly releasing new versions just to get the best out of the game. Play this game today and never miss out on any of the fun.

Cool Game Features on Taming io New

This game is rich with different exciting features. Some of them include the following.

Ultimate Survival Game:

This game is the ultimate survival game where players have to gather resources, find different materials and build weapons to fight for their survival. The gameplay is impressive, and it is a game to which you can easily get addicted. Test your survival skills in this fantastic game.


There are multiple pets that you can use in this game that will accompany you during your survival adventure and fight with you during fights. At the start of the game, you can choose from a few pets, but as you advance, you can only tame a certain amount of wild animals.


There are multiple rewards in this game, and the more you grow, and the longer you survive, you are rewarded with different things that will give you a better gaming experience. These rewards will boost your abilities and make survival easier. They can be anything, maybe food items or tools.

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Taming io Tips

Here are some Taming up Tips and Tricks

  1. Please pay attention to your pet's stats. The stronger they are, the more useful they can be.
  2. Always make sure to be collecting resources constantly. You’ll never know when you need them.
  3. After taking damage, make sure you eat immediately to replenish your health.

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Taming io is a fantastic fantasy io game. Test your survival skills in this game and try your hardest not to die.


Frequently Asked Questions on Taming io Games

What's the fastest way to get XP? +

Make sure you eliminate other opponents, also other animals.

What's the best pet to use? +

The Lynxes are said to be the most vital pets in this game as they do the most damage.

What is the legendary animal? +

The legendary animal in this game is the dragon.What is the legendary animal?