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The Visit

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Developer: Marius Fietzek, Benedikt Hummel, and Irina Gross
Updated: 2024-03-20
Category: Adventure

Description: Explore the world of The Visit, an enchanting platformer on IziGames.Net. Navigate through challenges, interact with crabs, and discover multiple endings. Play now!

About The Visit

The Visit is an enchanting platformer game that puts players in the shoes of a hero on a quest to reach their girlfriend's house. Along the way, they encounter seemingly harmless crabs that, despite not being traditional enemies, add an element of challenge and decision-making to the gameplay. This article delves into the various facets of The Visit, including its development, gameplay mechanics, and critical reception.

Game Overview


The narrative of The Visit revolves around the player's journey to their girlfriend's house. The path is fraught with crabs, and the player must navigate through them without making errors. The game's allure lies in its multiple endings, many of which are influenced by the player's interactions with the crabs.

Gameplay Mechanics

The Visit is a platformer that demands precision and strategy. Players control the hero using straightforward keyboard controls: the up arrow key to jump, the left arrow key to walk left, and the right arrow key to walk right. Each decision impacts the outcome, ensuring that every playthrough is distinct.

Multiple Endings

One of the standout features of The Visit is its multiple endings. The player's interactions with the crabs determine the game's outcome, adding replay value and depth to the gameplay experience.

Development and Developers

The Visit was developed by Marius Fietzek, Benedikt Hummel, and Irina Gross. Their collaboration resulted in a captivating and challenging game that has captured the hearts of players worldwide.

Platform and Availability

The Visit is accessible on web browsers, making it available to a broad audience. Its simple controls and engaging gameplay make it suitable for players of all ages.

Game Controls

  • Up arrow key = Jump
  • Left arrow key = Walk left
  • Right arrow key = Walk right

Crucial Gameplay Elements

The Role of Crabs

Although the crabs in The Visit may appear harmless, they play a pivotal role in the game's narrative. The player's interactions with them can lead to various outcomes, adding depth to the gameplay experience.

Impact of Player's Choices

Every decision made by the player in The Visit has consequences. Whether they choose to befriend the crabs or avoid them entirely, each choice affects the game's ending, encouraging multiple playthroughs.

Exploration and Discovery

Exploration is a key component of The Visit. Players are encouraged to explore the game's world, interact with its inhabitants, and uncover its secrets to discover all the endings.

Challenges and Difficulty

The Visit offers a fair yet challenging gameplay experience. Players must master the game's controls and mechanics to progress, adding a sense of achievement to each successful playthrough.

Visuals and Sound Design

The Visit boasts charming pixel art visuals and a whimsical soundtrack that enhances the game's atmosphere. The visuals and sound design work in tandem to create an immersive and enjoyable experience for players.

Reception and Reviews

The Visit has received praise from players and critics alike. Its engaging gameplay, multiple endings, and charming aesthetics have been lauded, making it a standout title in the platformer genre.

Community and Player Experience

The community surrounding The Visit is passionate and engaged. Players often share their experiences and strategies, adding to the game's replayability and sense of community.

Future Updates and Improvements

The developers of The Visit are committed to enhancing the game and adding new content. Players can anticipate future updates that will enrich their gameplay experience.


In conclusion, The Visit is a captivating platformer that offers a unique gameplay experience with its charming visuals, engaging mechanics, and multiple endings. Players can immerse themselves in the game's world and explore its secrets while navigating through the challenges presented by the crabs. For those interested in trying out The Visit, the game is available to play online on IziGames.Net. So, whether you're a fan of platformers or looking for a new gaming adventure, The Visit is definitely worth checking out on IziGames.Net.