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Tap-Tap Shots

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Updated: 2022-10-31
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Description: Play Tap Tap Shots Online (Unblocked) - Have Fun and Test Your Skills at IziGames.Net. Enjoy Endless Basketball Action!

About Tap Tap Shots

Tap Tap Shots is a basketball game with unique and unconventional gameplay. Tap Tap Shots, as the name implies, features a constantly tapping basketball, a standard net post, and a free field for the player.

Tap Tap Shots is from the stables of QkyGames, developed by Maximiliano Demonte, however, offered to Google Play Store by the gaming company, QkyGames. The game was officially released on the 18th of May, 2021, and is compatible with Android and iOS devices alone as Tap Tap Shots is a game essentially for smartphones. However, the game also requires devices with the minimum operating system of Android 5.1 and above to function maximally.

Although there are a lot of different games in the genre of the basketball sport, albeit, in different styles, Tap Tap Shots still manages to be the go-to option for some gamers. The gameplay in Tap Tap Shots is very easy and addictive, and the mechanism is simple. As a result, tap Tap Shots has been downloaded thousands of times across different platforms and localities and has a tangibly high rating on app stores where the game exists.

How To Play The Game

The gameplay of Tap Tap Shots is completely straightforward, with minimal complexities and little or no stress to ease into the game. To play the game, you are provided with a bouncing basketball. The basketball keeps bouncing, and the game only begins when the player taps the screen. The game is about making cool basketball dunks and scoring perfect shots as often as possible.

You must shoot the ball as fast as possible to do as many shots as possible in the given time. Not only speed but also skill and accuracy are required in this game. While performing as many shots as possible, you should also ensure that your shots go smoothly through the nets.

For every perfect shot, there is a bar that refills. The bar works like a life bar and fills up when you make a perfect dunk. Because of this bar, you have to get as many perfect shots as possible because once the bar runs low and runs out, you automatically lose at that level and have to start all over again. So when you get many perfect shots in a row, the ball lights up on fire to show that you are making a lot of fire shots. Remember that the more you score, the longer you can remain in the game.

The height and position of the net are not static. Tap Tap Shots provide different heights for the ball to be shot into and vary from level to level. Also, the net position changes during gameplay, so you must be agile when taking consecutive shots and aiming well. Tap Tap Shots is a game requiring you to work simultaneously with your eyes, hands, and brain to become a dunk master in this basketball world.

You must also consider a unique strategy when playing Tap Tap Shots. You must tap the screen a calculated number of times for the ball to enter the net. A mechanism also helps determine the intensity of your push and bounce as you tap the screen. You must make the right number of taps with the right intensity to direct the ball into the net. This might sound like a lot of work, but as you proceed in the game, you will realise it is quite easy. As mentioned earlier, Tap Tap Shots is a game that is very friendly and easy to understand, so you will get the overall hang of the game in a short time of gameplay.

Awesome Features of Tap Tap Shots

  • Beautiful 2D Graphics. The graphics in Tap Tap Shots is remarkably clear and concise. The game uses 2D graphics that are very realistic, from the ball to the net and the entire environment. In addition, the scenery is very clean and detailed, and every angle is sharply aligned. As a result, tap Tap Shots is generally a visually pleasing sight.
  • Sound and Music Background. Tap Tap Shots has a nice soothing sound effect system and cool background music to ease the mood.
  • Smooth Mechanics of Physics. In Tap Tap Shots, all movements are carried out realistically. The ball bounces at reasonable intervals, and the aiming and shooting are also precise and void of lags or setbacks.
  • Offline and Online Modes. Tap Tap Shots can be played in both online and offline modes.
  • Move up the Leaderboard in Online Mode. When playing the game in online mode, you have the opportunity to compete with other players all over the world and mostly in your locality for the highest point on the leaderboard. You can see the highest points on the leaderboard and do your best to beat the highest scores.
  • Free To Play. Tap Tap Shots is completely free to download and play. All that is required to gain full access to enjoy all the fun in Tap Tap Shots is to download from the internet and begin to play.

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Tap Tap Shots is an awesome game for players of all ages and locations. The gameplay is smooth and easy and does not require too much effort. The game is perfect for basketball fans or players to practice their aiming and shooting from the comfort of their mobile devices. With just a single flick of the finger here and there, you can get your mind and eyes quickly accustomed to the trick of playing basketball. The graphics and sound effects are also of good quality. In conclusion, Tap Tap Shots is the perfect game for passing the time, and you can be sure never to get bored with the addictive and satisfying gameplay it offers.